Sunday, February 3, 2008

This collection

I tried to write this post a few times but there is simply no way I can justify the amount of stuff in my life.

These are some of my collection:

1. Random old stuff

2. knitting needles- love the colours

3. bakelite cake stand (I have two) and sewing mannequins

4. The kitchen collection of wheeled things

5. Coathangers - love the old ones!

6. Mannequin

7. Old suitcases and hat boxes with old quilts

8. Shopping jeeps - there are 4 unrenovated ones tucked behind the bedroom door.

9. Old sewing ntions

10. another kitchen wheelie

11. Selvedge - a slow collection to build.

12. Buttons - obviously

13. Sewing stuff, tins, french buttons - a bit of everything

14. Old wire mannequin - I think she was "bra-form" girl.

15. Old or interesting clothes - 2 tubs full, at least Cecilia can wear them.

16. tape measures- I just have to buy them, it's a compulsion!

I could make a joke here about Mr Ric Rac being another random old thing I have collected but I won't.

Yesterday the ricrac clan headed off to the Union of Soul Concert here in Ballarat featuring The Waifs, Clare Bowditch and The John Butler trio.

I was the nanna down the front with the camera, doggedly not letting people squeeze pass after I had stood there all day ! Dancing my special nanna dance, ignoring the drunks and the youngsters playing tonsil hockey and having a nanna ball! It was a great concert and I went to bed exhausted, trodden on and with my ears ringing.


  1. Hi Jodie, I love all the bits you have collected! Great photos too.

    I also love John Butler! I am laughing about your description of a the nana dance LOL!!

  2. Hi Jodie what a fabulous collection. I don't think any of us can justify the ammount of'stuff' we have in our lives.
    Love the John Butler Trio.

  3. yeah but don't you just love the mosh-pit Jodie - do you feel tragic like I do?

    love all your goodies - lot's of vintage eye candy.

  4. Hi Jodie, What a great night you must have had...I love John Butler. I've just nominated you for the 'You Make My Day' award on my blog.

  5. hmmmm Jodie, a collection you do have.. of collections!!!

    I was the nana in the mosh pit at TWO Robbie Williams Concerts, 4 from the stage, when you are a fat blonde tart who wont budge, well no one is GAME to push past!
    and flipping heck, no wonder there is no tape measures ANYWHERE to be purchased?? you have cornered the market.. next time I am looking for one of the 8 ones I have lost in this house, I'll ring YOU :O)


  6. Oh My! You do have a lot of collections. All of them so gorgeous. I especially love your sewing notions and tins.

    Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  7. those coat hangers are fantastic (ahh, the things you never imagine you would say).

  8. I love all your collections Jodie! One can never have too much lovely stuff!

  9. Love all your goodies. Don't ya just love collecting things?

  10. Greetings from one "potential" nana, whose house looks like a museum, to another!
    Tell me about selvedge,
    I probably have some interesting bits for you.

  11. What lovely things!! I'm jealous of your night out - love all of those brilliant performers!!!!

  12. I love alll your collections too!No wonder you had a hard time to show us all your pictures.They are all so great!xoxo

  13. Such fabulous collections! But tell me - how do you find the room? I want to know your secret!

    I'm off to the Union of Soul concert in Sydney this week - can't wait! I am the hugest Waifs fan.

  14. The shopping jeeps (or trolleys as I call them) - I love them. I've been wanting one for ages but the old ones are best I think.

    I love that you held your ground at the concert.

  15. Great 'collection' of collections. Especially like the selvedge idea. My sister would love your suitcases - actually she'd love it all. Me too!

  16. Way to go funky nanna! Fabulous pictures of your collections - you are the first person I've ever heard of who collects selvedges, but it makes sense, doesn't it? Such a good idea. :-) x

  17. Fantastic collections-something tells me that you will never be a minimilist either!!!LOVE your STUFF!

  18. great collections, love how you've put it together in the mosaic. I love all the old sewing stuff too, buttons, notions etc. It's almost a crime to leave it in the oppie!

  19. So much goodness in one mosaic. Lovely.

  20. Your photo mosaic is wonderful eye-candy! Lovely collections Jodie - especially the tape measures!

    love Lucy x

  21. Those collections make me soooo green with envy! Mr Monkey gets very stroppy if I put anything sewing related out on show. :(

    Sounds like you had a great night. Me, being an old misery guts, I'd be hissing at the youngsters and would have brought my own chair (one of those walking sticks that converts would be ideal, or a fold up thing in a bag) and I'd sit there with m smuggled in flask of Horlicks and have a right good time. Leaving just before the end to avoid the rush for the doors. Ah, the joys of getting older!

  22. I love your collections Jodie - I could spend hours mooching round your house!!! I especially love the buttons and old sewing notions :)

    Nice one Nanna - showing those young uns how to rock!!!!! They'll all be doing that one day ;)


  23. Are those buttons and some ribbon I see??? Love your collection.
    happy sunday!

  24. I love it - Mr. Ric Rac! Totally yummy eye candy. Your post just before with the new little bag and back pack - so STINKIN' cute - hmmm where's your link to your etsy shop...I am I just tired from a long weekend of crochet?

  25. hehehe - awesome collection of collections ;)

    The tape measures are my favourites!

  26. What gorgeous pics.... I love the old manniquin.


  27. wow, this is an amazing post, so many points of inspiration. thankyou for sharing

  28. Ohh...I wish i had such a yummy collection..I have a bit of a tape measure fetish myself!
    Totally green with envy about the concert, sounds amazing, you're only as old as you feel, hey?
    Keep spoiling us with the gorgeous photos please!

  29. Ha, I see I'm not the only one with bunches of stuff! But hey, it makes me happy, so what? Your pictures make me smile! I love the happy, bright colors and of course all the things you show us!

  30. lovely stuff - I too have an old knitting needle compulsion, I even buy ones with no pair off ebay. Those plastic ones are just so colourful and gorgeous I can't resist.
    Now you've given me new ideas for collection compulsions (like I need more compulsions!)
    But what the hell is a "shopping jeep"? and how do you fit 4 behind a door?

  31. What are we going to make with our selvedge collections?
    I heard that there is a book coming out with some projects, i have caught the bug already!

  32. Ah ha! I never would have thought of simply displaying old coat hangers on the wall like that, and that is perfect! Great stuff.

  33. Great collections, Jodie! I'm keen on collecting old sewing notions and buttons too. I've also got a start on the selvage collection... what are you going to make with yours?

  34. Oooh, I'm very jealous that you got to see The Waifs and John Butler. If I was there I would have been nanna dancing alongside you (I've nanna danced to Ben Harper at the East Coast Blue and Roots festival - so much fun!)

  35. Oops, I meant 'Blues' not 'Blue'....that makes it sound rude :P

  36. What a great collection of collections. Love it... the pics are beautiful.

  37. I am very jealous - my Brother in law went in Perth and I have heard how good it was.

  38. go nanna go!!! what a cool nanna you are! I Love your collections Jodie and it makes me feel sooo much better about all my stuff!!! There is a new show coming to ABC called "stuff" should be interesting!!!!

  39. I came across your site after an anxious search for "Bakelite cake stands" and lo and behold... here I am...

    For sentimental reasons (which I can explain later), I am looking for a pastel, tiered cake tray as featured in one of your pictures....

    As cheeky as this sounds, do you know of a good little antique/retro shop that is likely to stock one? I live in Melbourne but would be happy to travel...

    Thanks so much if you are able to help me.


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