Saturday, February 9, 2008

Community noticeboard

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the community noticeboard.

I know I have mentioned before, how amazed I am by the generosity of the blogging community but its true.

Right now over at Lino Forest, the delightful Betty Jo is having an international giveaway.Update- in fact two giveaways, and everyone can enter - seriously get over there !!

Her work is spectacular ! I was lucky enought to win this beautiful piece last year and it is one of my favourite items , in high rotation.

Another amazing blogger is doing something right now as well, Pip of Meet Me at Mikes is continueing her crafty committment to Mirabel with her Hearts for Mirabel. You have still got time to whip up a heart over the weekend and drop it in or post it.

A long way away, the very lovely Monkee maker is holding a bloggy raffle to help raise money for a little girl who needs specialist medical help. She has come up with some great crafty prizes and is just such a generous person who is slowly taking over the world with her monkeys made of knit.

After saying I wouldn't enter any more giveaways.......along came Coco. I was so excited to win a PDF pattern from Samantha of mumistitches . She has a great blog and an etsy shop as well where you can get your own copies of her first ever pattern !

Thankyou for joining us for this weeks edition of community notice board.

P.S What is going on with spellcheck???


  1. Doing a great job as a noticeboard Jodie - but that doesn't mean you can get away from opening that shop! Lucy x

  2. Loving the noticeboard Jodie :-D And thanks for the links to other crafty places - I'm off for a look round. x

  3. Hi Jodie,
    The update! Two brooches for the for O.S. and one for Australia!
    Thanks for the Plug xxx Betty Jo

  4. Thanks for the links Jodie.
    At this rate I'm gonna need a secretary real soon to catch up on all the blogs I visit.

    It's out of connnnttrrrroooooollllll!!

    What's happenin' in the shop??? Can't wait to see your stuff in there. Not putting the pressure on.....come have plently of free hours in the day dont you???

    yeah right!

  5. Oooo! I thought it was just me. I've been away from the computer for more than a week [at a beach-y holiday] and posted today; my spell-check wouldn't work either! Thanks for reasssuring me!! LOL

  6. Great info on your noticeboard Jodie!! Thank you for taking on the noticeboard administrator role in spite of the fact you are so busy with the shop ;)

    Thanks for your lovely comments about George. You'll be pleased to know he had a good night's sleep, still has very dirty feet and is zooming around in his undies and a scarf playing superheroes!!!


  7. hello jodie, thanks for your comment! :)

    i hope you continue the noticeboard.
    and good luck with the etsy! i am sure you will have a fabulous shop!

  8. I love the noticeboard idea!

    I also love the owl - I really wanted one for my birthday last year and as much as i hinted, no go. (However I did get a Liana Kabel knitting needle necklace, so one mustn't complain...)

  9. Just love your cute!! Thanks for letting us know of the others. I just found your blog and its great, I'll be back!

  10. Thanks for all the links. That's something I love about blogging - it is also why I manage to spend far too many hours skipping from blog to blog visiting lots of amazing people.

    As for your post "Life in the Craft Lane" I LOVE your work - the clothes and toys are gorgeous.

  11. Hi Jodie,

    Thanks for your kind comments both here and on my blog; you made me beam :)

    Oooh, I can almost hears those bells on the shop door clanging as you turn the "open" sign around!!


  12. Thanks for the haeds-up about whats going on in blogland...

    stoopid blogger- stoopid spellcheck...

  13. Thanks for being so community minded (like little community service announcements).

    Glad the spellcheck thingo isn't just me - it's doing my head in to try and spell properly!


Hellloooooo !!!!