Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spreading sunshine !

Chest infection, sinus infection, vomiting into office bin at work -just another week in paradise until..........

This is just part of the amazing package I received this week from the very talented Natasha Burns as the winner of her 100 th post giveaway. When I collected this from the post office I couldn't figure out what it could be, as the box was HUGE !

Natasha also sent vintage patterns, bookmarks, papers, little notes - about a zillion frills, ribbons, trims, accents and all manner of things.

Natasha is one of the funniest woman you are ever likely to meet - she is the epitome of pink and pretty and girly, and then there's the football - she is a totally one-eyed supporter, and did I mention her love (and I mean Love) of cowboy boots????? She like a bag of mixed lollies - all in one bag. She is crazy kooky like all crafters but one of the most generous people. We actually met years ago when she asked me to donate something for a huge charity auction she was running on eBay and then years later I stumbled on her blog.
She is an incredibly talented painter and makes incredibly exquisite things - please go and have a look.

I immediately thought I will have to send her a thank you and then she could thank me for the thank you and I could thank her for the thanked thank you and it would go on forever, so instead of starting all that I will be paying this one forward Natasha and hoping I can do something for my 100th post (10 to go) that will brighten up someones week as much as you have done for me.
That and a very heartfelt thank you .


  1. What a lovely gift to recieve! I almost at 100 posts too so will have to have a think of what to do for it.
    Sarah x

  2. Oooh what gorgeous goodies Jodie! You lucky thing - cool photo mosaic too! Lucy x

  3. So glad you like it all Jodie! The photo mosaic looks amazing!!! Makes it look better!!!

  4. Hi Jodie,
    Love the goodies you got from Natasha, her blog is one of the ones I visit regularly. That was a very sweet thing that she did-see world there are lovely people in the world.
    Love Melissa....

  5. Hi Jodie, wow how lucky were you to win. Love the goodies you got. Hope you feel better soon. Cheers Christine

  6. I can't believe my eyes, why you got a whole craft shoppe! And you are a sweetie and deserve it too. I am sure your friend has been blessed just by making you happy.

  7. What a great gift to give and how wonderful for you to get it! I am counting the posts until your 100th!

  8. Lucky you - it all looks beautiful. I will be sure to pop over to Natasha's blog.

    Hope you are feeling well again soon.

  9. wow that looks impressive, you're a lucky girl. Get well soon!

  10. What a lovely package of goodies to receive! Nothing better than collecting a BIG parcel from the post office.

  11. Hey Jod, Sad to hear you are again/still unwell. But what a happy surprise for you! I bet your mind is buzzing with what to do with your new found stash. How we all love surprises. I have finally done it, signed up and can now leave comments. Your blog will give me something to aspire to one day! Hope you get better soon. Shaz

  12. Wow!!!! What an amazing parcel of goodies!!!
    Hope you feel beter soon x


Hellloooooo !!!!