Sunday, November 4, 2007

Post 91- like a woman possessed

Hiya, This post may give rise to the thought that I have been lazing about with my week off work doing nothing but sewing...... Actually I slept most of the week and am about to fill the repeat prescription on the anitbiotics...GRRRR.....but have lots to show from the week before as well - so strap yourselves in .

These are the finished Murphy cushions that I made for Annie's Girls night in which was last night - it was a great night with lots of fun and prizes.

This is Winnie

She's a very tidy little monkey - I told her to pack up so we could go to Annie's

and off we went - Winnie and her accoutrement's were won by one of Annie's craft friends and I'm told will be well loved a by a little girl.

This is something new I have been fiddling with- pencil cases / cosmetic bags ???

This one was initially for the nephew but have been told it is waaaayyyyy to babyish so I think it will become part of my 100th post giveaway (see title). This one is made with quite thin vinyl stuff.

So then I got some thicker vinyl stuff (zephyr vinyl from Spotlight) and broke 3 needles on this one.

I decide on a mix of the thick and thin and also to make one with a purpose - this one is for 12yr old neice.

Then came the miracle pencil case.

With legs like that its miracle this kid can walk, let alone skip -

anyone in the market for a wonky legged pencil case? or a tutorial on these? They are seriously easy and I am making more so I can tute them if you want.


  1. very cute pencil case.

    Love the skipping girl - may be one of her legs is connected to her shadow.

    I don't know - anyway, a tutorial to sew with that vinyl would be wonderful - I haven't had a chance to try it.

    Love your Murphy cushions.

  2. Hi Jodie,
    Of course we'd love a tutorial! They're fantastic - I've never sewed with vinyl, so it would be a good experience! Love the Murphy cushions and the monkey package is delightful.

  3. Hi Jodie,
    Very clever as always.
    I would love to see a tutorial on the pencil cases, did you make the bag Winnie is sitting in? if so a tutorial in that would also be great. Cheers Christine

  4. Gorgeous...especailly love cute :)

  5. You have been a busy girl.
    Love them all. Cushions look great and Winnie! OMG....
    I'd love the tutorial for the pencil cases but I don't think I'll use vinyl.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. oh Jodie this is ALL amazing and gorgeous I am always blown away by how much you manage to create! I would LOVE a tute please. How hard is sewing vinyl? I thought it would be a nightmare. I love Winnie! Oh I have tagged you if you want to I'd love you to join in

  7. I wondered where you were - sorry to hear you've been poorly!

    Love the murphy's and the monkey!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Lucy x

  8. Hi Jodie,
    Love all... Winnie is gorgeous and her bag and blanket are great. The little girl is very lucky and she is going to love it to its. I still scared of vinyl and slippery fabrics and the such but would you mind if I have a tutorial also. I try anything once when I get a chance!
    love Mel xxxx

  9. Tutorials make my mind go all sparkly and light! I love them! They push me to do something outside my comfort zone (which is very very small still) and hopefully at the end i get something i can use! i love the skipping girl legs btw! they are unique :)

  10. Love the hedgehogs & Monkey's green ear !

  11. yes please, we like easy!!very cool pencil cases!

  12. Are you kidding???? TUTORIAL YES PLEASE. I have been looking and looking and poking and prodding and looking again and wondering and looking and screaming trying to work out how you put together the beautiful one you gave me Jodie. BRING IT ON GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!! They're just fabulous!

  13. Jodie
    you are sick and you are still so prolific, I tip my hat to you possum!!! everything is gorgeous (as per) and I just ADORE your monkey.. so very very cute..... one day, I might have to make me one.. roflmao who am I kidding? the 'make me' list is as tall as I am!!!

    take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery (I am still dying a slow death)..


  14. Lovely work - the soft monkey is seriously gorgeous!

  15. Love the monkey. It is divine! Lucky person who won that. The comment on the legs on the girl skipping rope killed me. You are too funny. Hope you feel better!

  16. Love the murphy pillows, love Winnie, love the pencil cases... I just love EVERYTHING!!!! I'm surprised that the skiping girl is standing up though, with legs like those. LOL!!! A tutorial for those caes is a great idea...


  17. You never cease to amaze me with your productivity-and being sick too! Would also love a tutorial to have a go at. Love the monkey and cushions-glad you had a great night at Annies :)

  18. lol at the skipping girls legs! I think if I tried she'd have stumps for legs, so you should be very proud of her!!!!
    The monkey is gorgeous, and the far too babyish pencil is not too babyish for me - but then I am a big baby at heart!!!

  19. What beauties! Love that cute monkey :)

  20. Looking forward to the pencil case tute and will definitely try it. I love the way you make things sound so achievable. You've got talent!

  21. Jodie I have had to take a sabbatical from reading your blog to focus on my Phd - it is so distracting!! But Winnie has lured me back! How cute he/she is! Lucky girl winner! And clever, eneretic, creative you!

  22. Would love a tute! And love that monkey! Hope you get better soon...

  23. omg! i love monkeys & i love hedgies! great post :) do you have an online shop?

  24. oh my goodness I love everything on the page!!!!!!!!!! too nice! well done and wish I could accomplish that!

  25. zomg, I love those cushions so much, I may have to completely rip off your idea and fill my apartment with hedgehogs. And mushrooms! j'adorable. ;P


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