Saturday, October 6, 2007

Doctor...Doctor... Is there a Doctor in the Hallway

Yesterday a few of the fats ( and one of their mothers) came over with their machines and we embarked on some cute little kitties ! Another cute Melly and Me pattern.

I made a dress from the huge vintage fabric haul of last week.

The hallway is now all but finished (We have one door to paint).



What do you think? Of course we will put something on the table, we stole this from another room to see if we liked it and I love it - so much better than before (and the old hatboxes cover up the wonky floorboard that you can't walk on). I am not sure what to put on it yet - I have tried a few things but they weren't quite right. It does look a little cold in this photo but with things on the table and some new things on the wall I think it will warm up!

The two quilts are both old beauties that I have rescued from second shops - they are slightly shabby but still beautiful. And even though Master 12 says I am turning the whole house into a craft room- they will be staying !

More things will be put on the walls (I would love to hang my Lark Tea towel there but Mr Ric-Rac is yet to be convinced.) I keep saying it would nice to have some red in there somewhere and when I looked at the before shot I saw the huge red bin - that was not what I had in mind!

Tomorrow is the last day of holidays and I have still not made myself a new bag to start back at work - I have unfinished dollies (and another kitty) a very unhappy Mr Gocco (he was promised lots of attention this holidays - oops!) , wallets cut out but not sewn, the bag of fabric still unsorted sitting in the corner and what feels like a zillion un-finished, un-started and un-figured out just yet projects on the go at once.

Just the way I like it!


  1. Love your cat and your hallway is looking lovely, how about a nice vase with some flowers on your table? Bowl ?
    Sarah x

  2. The hall looks great. I especially love the suitcases, quilts and the hatboxes. The typesetting shadowbox with the bibs and bobs in it from what I can see also look great. I sure you will find the right thing to go on the table.

  3. Jodie
    hallway looks great.. how about some family photos in frames or some flowers? I got the silk hydrangea's happening.. did a trial to see what would happen if you put flowers on a hall table when you co-habit with Dags (aka DH), 3 kids, a cat and a mental dog.. well lucky vase had no water.. cats apparently like to EAT flowers and tip vases over, so my trial with FAKE stuffs was a good idea!
    Good luck with the UFO's.. I got a mountain and in TRUE Lissa form, I stuffed up, made too many blocks (hey I never do that) so my small floor quilt is going to be lapsize.. LOL
    off to wrestle with the sewing machine! happy weekend to you!


  4. The hall is looking lovely Jodie! Very, very tidy by the way - a bit of mess is what you need to finish it off I reckon! Lucy x

  5. Love the kitties!
    And the hallway looks great.

    Its hard to make them not look like a dark tunnel. Mine has some serious lighting issues. LOL

    Kimberly :)

  6. Your hallway looks fantastic! I am sure you will come up with something for the table - maybe a collection of lovely frames and photos. I LOVE the suitcases and quilts - great look!

  7. Hi Jodie, I'm delurking, just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your Blog! LOVE those old cases and quilts together in the hall - very nice tough!

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  9. Hi Jodie! Hopefully you'll be racing down the passage way tomorrow to tell me you got my comment. My Miss Kitty has been out in the garden and meeting everyone. i took lots of photos now all I need is for the camera to let me load them so I can blog them. Se ya tomorra! Sue

  10. Hallway looks so wide now! My idea is for you to begin a collection of good quality aromatherapy candles. In fact you could drop some big hints at the end of the year to the kids at school (might stop them buying the crappy soap sets......actually do library taechers get gifts??? You should!!!)

  11. That is one thing you can cross off your list! It looks lovely, bright and clean. I do like the hat boxes and quilts too.And your kitty is sweet. Have a great week back at school-time sure flies when you are having fun!

  12. OMG Jodie... I just love your posts!!! You're so full of inspiration, I just love it!!!
    The cat looks awesome and the hallway has turned out a treat. A doilly, a big crystal vase filled with fresh cut flowers from the garden and some old vintage/antique ornaments would look great on your hall stand. The wall adjacent to the shand would look really good with a big collage of art and pictures/photos. I'm sure you will come up with something UNBELIEVABLE as you always do...
    Keep up the great work!!


  13. It looks terrific! Love the kitty, too. Just don't let your hall table become what mine is - the general dumping ground for "stuff"!

  14. Love the stuffed cat. It is gorgeous and the dress really makes it. I just discovered you blog and am a big fan already.

  15. That hall looks fantastic. And your kitty is a cutie :)

  16. Love the kitty!!!! Great job on the doorway!

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, stop by my blog... I believe you are a .... winner!!!!!

    Email me at with your colour preferences or any particulars and your postal address Miss Jodie!!!


  17. Hi Jodie, your hallway looks great, I love hat boxes. Congratulations on winning Natasha's draw, lucky you:) Take Care - Rachael

  18. Oooh the hat boxes and quilts. Lovely.

  19. hi
    this is my first time to your site
    i found you when doing a google search for vintage ric rac as i'm on the hunt
    cute blog
    i like those quilts in your hallway and your eye spy miniature picture.
    i'll come back and visit again
    like you i have to craft everyday


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