Monday, October 15, 2007

Tagged ! Your it.

Somewhere amidst the day job , the painting and everything else I was tagged by Cathy of Miss Marzie..... I am hopeless at these things - I really think about them too much but this time I have crawled down from the ladder (yes painting Miss Jem's room this week) and have changed the tag just a teeny bit. (hope that's ok Cathy).

Here’s how it works:1. Players must list one fact, word, or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of their first or middle name.2. When you are tagged you need to write your own post containing your first or middle name game facts, word, or tidbit.3. At the end of your post choose one person for each letter of your name to tag.4. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them that they have been tagged, and to read your blog.

I have decided to share with you some of my favourite blogs that correspond with the letters of my name (skillfully deflecting my own inadequacies and my inability to think of anything about myself that begins with j- except my name.)

This is not a definitive list by any means ( I have at least 80 blogs on my fave list) but I pop by these great places at least once a week and catch up !


  • Jellywares - A very talented blogger called Jodie (hmm maybe I should Tag her and she how she does. She appears to be related to about a zillion other bloggers and it is great to catch up with them all!)


  • Oh Dear, Can you believe in my favourites list I don't have one that starts with O .


  • Doll (The blog of Mimi Kirchner, one of the most talented doll makers ever - you must see her tattooed men,

  • Dolly Dilettante - the delightful and patient Meg, she has craft fairies who visit her studio and help her out . No-one could be as productive as she is without some secret help!

  • Dragonfly crafts - Fiona's blog makes me feel good ! I am convinced this woman could make a handbag out of anything!

  • Daisy chain - seriously beautiful photos from Jenny, especially the recent beach ones. She seems able to master all crafts, sewing felting - just about everything and she even shops at my local patchwork shop via the internet these days!


  • Inside a Black Apple - Seriously what can anyone say about this Miss Emily- she does everything and she does it all AMAZINGLY WELL. More than a few of her items have joined me at my house! I would love to be Miss Emily when I grow up.

  • I'm a ginger Monkey - a newish site to me , very very pretty and has the cutest ever little horses.


  • Etsy - Ok not a blog but a seriously, how can you go past etsy. I only wish they still had that random sampler thingy -I always found new things and sellers that way. Lots of people have asked if I have an Etsy shop, no I don't, but you know the idea of it intrigues me.........

I will tag Sue and Annie and Emma and Jodie and I will apologise in advance for what may be a lost week. I have to try and get Jem's room painted before the carpet layers come and forcibly put the carpet in. The show Jem has been rehearsing for four months or more opens Thursday night, Connor made the school footy team today (yes a practice and a match to fit in every week), staff meeting Tuesday, plasterer on Friday (fingers crossed)...........

ah can you smell the chaos?


  1. Thank you for adding me to your tag list. I had to smile when you said my blog makes you feel good.
    That makes me feel good too.
    You wonder sometimes why you blog and I am learning more everyday its for me first then others who love to keep an eye on you.
    I too have a little list of bloggers and think I might do it some more.
    Your name is a great way of doing it.
    Hugs Fiona

  2. Thank you too Jodie for mentioning me on your blog. It is so nice having wonderful blogging friends-and so talented too! Your Patchwork shop in Ballarat has such wonderful choices of fabric. I am bad enough doing shopping there on the internet it would be very dangerous to live or work near there-maybe you should invest in some shares in the place!!!

  3. I thought that smell was FEAR, rather than chaos.. wrong again!
    Congrats to the kids, good luck with the plasterer and have fun painting (yuck, thats why I got married, so super dags can whine about the painting!)

    have a great week..

  4. Hi Jodie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and your lovely comments, i'm pretty new to blogging and am still amazed when someone stops by.

    Angela xx

  5. A great entry as usual - I really like your version of this tag (can I borrow it - I've been tagged with this one too). I have an "O" blog for you - - she does some great work, beautifully finished!

  6. Hi Jodie what a fantastic why to recommend peoples blogs. I am thinking of doing a taggy thing for my blog as one of my entries- I hope that you do not mind. My parcel arrived safely ages ago but being the slacker that I am I sorry I didn't contact you. They are fantastic.... And David loves Monster and we will not to send pictures of his new home... Take care!
    Love all the girls blogs!!!!
    Love Mel!!

  7. Hi Jodie,
    Me again, sorry just realized that I made a mistake with the last comment. I meant to say that I will love to send pictures of monsters new home........Mel xxxxxxx

  8. oooh, look...a mention for me!!!! Thank you very, very much (I feel all honoured and special x)
    {waves from up above (?) - is what we are to you if you are down under?}

  9. Good luck with the plasterer. Oh the dust!

  10. Wow.... What an honour!!!! I've just loved your blog from the first day I stumbled across it. Wish me luck 'playing the game' (lol)...
    Your life/family/house is definately way too CHAOTIC at the moment. Hope it calms down for you next week.


  11. Glad you liked my ditty - hope all that painting is done and carpets adorn the floors. It's going to look GREAT!


Hellloooooo !!!!