Sunday, October 28, 2007

They're breeding like Murphy's.

I' m going to try really hard not to bore you all senseless with this post but I feel like I have a lot to say .

Firstly I am so excited that I got the little taggy thing to work for the Softies for Mirabel button.

Have you ever met Pip of Meet Me at Mikes, No? well me either but I am convinced she is one of the most generous souls out there in blog land. She has decided to make softies for the kids of the Mirabel Foundation for Christmas and has invited other bloggers to join in. I've joined, I've planned I have even cut out !!! and I got the super cool badgy thing to work. I am so like a technological genius!!!!

This week I have been noticing lots of people pledging a handmade holiday season - I love the idea but have been telling myself it will never work with my (or Mr Ric-Racs ) family. Then my sister popped in on Friday and spied the little rag dolls (yes they are still unfinished but closer) and asked if I would make one for my niece for Christmas . Yay I thought to myself I can do at least one handmade thing..........thinking ....thinking....exactly why won't this work? Not because our families are plastic hungry monster consumers but because I will feel bad if they heap scorn on my tatty handmade articles right ???

So here is my decision. I will pledge to make and buy handmade this holiday season and I will include a note in each parcel explaining why I want to do this and as much info about the crafter / artist as possible. I plan to buy lots on etsy and look forward to you guys making suggestions when I get stuck -(I think the trickiest one will be Grandpa and the Grade 5 nephew- all suggestions, links to etsy sellers welcome). I am actually really excited by this idea, so much better that the bulk supply of boring gift vouchers that usually get purchased a week before Christmas. If I get organised i might even post a little list over on the side so you can follow how it goes.

My dear friend Flower garden is having a "Girls night in" this Saturday to raise money for Breast cancer research.and I have promised her something to raffle - ..... luckily as you see the Murphy clan have been breeding like....well ...Murphy's I guess.

These guys are going to be cushions and maybe bags - I am planning the cushions to have little speech bubbles with french words - Bonjour Herisson (hello hedgehog) I mean hedgehogs can be french can't they? I have Vliesofixed the prickly part on and am blanket stitching around - not sure how many washes they'll be up for but I just love the gocco print / fabric combo. I am thinking the same might work with little people and I could add the dress.

So maybe a Murphy cushion for Flower garden????

Op-shopping for the week, Linen teatowel (dolls dress) , 3 orphaned babushka's, knitting needles for you-know-what and 3 giant reels of string (I think its string).

Editors note : Technical bits and pieces. The wallets in the last post are paper and PVC. Murphy was gocco'ed onto a linen blend using Gocco stamp ink for cloth and just the regular Gocco machine. A big squeezy hug for all the tree love. I'm just glad Miss jem likes it. I would have loved to add a little bird but she just rolled her eyes at that suggestion. We are going to put teeny little hooks in the wall so she can hang Christmas decorations on it I'm told.


  1. Good on you Jodie - I have been considering doing the Mirabel too although I am fairly useless at making toys. I am also in for the handmade presents and even our family kris kringle this year will be handmade. It was getting to the point where we were just swapping gift vouchers and present swapping had lost all its charm. I will be interested to see what my Dad and Brothers whip up but it does include woodwork, photography etc.
    Aren't boys hard to make for. Maybe a groovy knitted beanie for winter? An appliqued top? A covered journal with some Smiggle pens?

  2. Love your Murphy's Jodie! I love the idea of hand-made christmas. I do try to give as many hand-made things as possible to family because it is often the only way I can afford to show them how much I love them. Home-made may not cost a lot in money but is time-expensive! Good luck with the softies for Mirabel - just off to look at that now. Lucy x

  3. Hi Jodie,
    I think that is great that are making handmade gifts for people this christmas and I wish that I could do it. One I would be afraid that I would not finish them and that I would not have the time. Murphy's look great, good luck and enjoy the night, that was nice of you to do.I love the things that you found especially the reels and the doll they are great. I found the best stuff last week myself and well have to show you one day. Take care and enjoy everything my friend!
    Love Mel!

  4. Love Mr Hedgehog-he looks very cheeky.
    I too sogned up for Mirabel and spent ages yesterday trying to get the button thingy to work. I got the picture but it didn't link to the site so I put that underneath- need to spend some more time on it. Your handmade pledge is very brave of you. I will do some but think I have run out of time to complete gifts as I am not a fast crafter.

  5. For the nephew: a covered photo album, a disposable camera, and a gc for film developing.
    For the grandpa: a basket of homemade muffins.

    I posted about a ton of my ideas a while back

    goodluck getting it all done!

  6. I am excited by Pips Mirabel drive as well. You are way ahead of me though, I am still just in the planning stage.
    As for the handmade Christmas gifts, my family sound rather like yours. How about an ipod or electronic game case for master grade 5? I am thinking of making some for my nephews.

  7. I love the whole idea of a hand-made Christmas. I've seen it around on a few blogs as well, and I decided this year it's handmade for my 2 nephews and 2 neices. For the boys I'm half-way through making quillows -I know they are a bit old hat now but I'm doing one in the West Coast Eagles colours with their mascot printed on fabric for the pillow bit for the 13 year old and the other is skulls and everything creepy for the 11 year old. My neices are getting funky girly bags. Feels good!!

  8. Love Love Love the Murph! Way to go hand made Christmas - works a treat at our place/we also include recycled which sometimes helps. As the kids are getting older, they are becoming more involved which is so great.

  9. ps Jodie I love the hedgehogs and thankyou for giving the orphaned babushkas a new mummy!

  10. Not just genius, but soooper genius, yes? Meanwhile, I love your idea of including a note--that could really help me. I want to do an all handmade, but my extended families (both sides) won't get it unless I explain it. So thank you for that! ~A :-)

  11. Love the hedgehogs!Im going to try to make some things for christmas gifts this year too, my mother in law is getting a knitting needle roll and a knitting bag,Pencil rolls for my neices and tote bags to put them in, thats all iv'e thought of so far though.
    Sarah x

  12. What a great post, definately not boring. I too have joined the handmade pledge, what a wonderful idea that it is!! The Murphy's look fantastic, I'm sure the ladies at the girls night in will just love him/them.
    Thanks for the great advice the other day about the markets. It was that great infact that you've won a prize for it!!!! All you have to do now is email me your address to and I'll get your goodies in the post asap.


  13. Gotta love the hedgehog, and I'm sure they speak French in France!

    I've taken the pledge too for a handmade chrissy, and have the same fears, it's great though, and I love the idea of a little note to explain it - my In-laws will still be scratching their heads, but it's my job to keep them bemused and perplexed!

  14. I'm in love with those giant reels of string.

  15. I love Murphy!!

    What about something with Murphy on it for your Grade 5 guy - I have a son that age - all he loves is cricket and football stuff (maybe a cricket bat warmer).

    My son always loved handmade boxer shorts out of groovy fabric.

    good luck

  16. French hedgehogs...Love that!

    I really enjoy handmade items and like to give them as gifts.
    But because of the time involved in crafting them, I try to limit it to people who I know will appreciate them.

    Oh my! Jemma's tree is FAB!
    I would have tried to sneak a little bird in there, too. :)


  17. good for you sister!!! hedgehog is just toooooo revoir.

  18. Murphy is fantastic!

    For your homemade Christmas you might like to have a look at Made It first as it's Australian based:


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