Friday, October 5, 2007

Dear Enid

What is it with the pointy end of holidays - it all just seems to rush away !

The last two days have been a glorious time - lying on the floor oil- painting floorboards and climbing ladders to give yet another coat of paint to the the door surrounds. I was determined to finish at least one room this holidays and it is done (all bar one door which I will do after the carpet comes out).

The carpet people rang to say our carpet is ready..... ooops.............pity the rooms weren't.

So what of the crafting ? I did manage to totally stuff - up a bag yesterday - that's an achievement. Having received my gorgeous spotty slicker from Spotlight courtesy of Jane I decided I could use the bits I had hoarded.

So, cut out and sewn , with lining and pocket and handle and the little bag tucks at the bottom and then sewed the bloody panel one a good inch or two off to one side - totally crappo. I thought of adding something artful to the side for balance and it looked pretty much like someone trying to cover up the fact that they put the piece on in the wrong spot. Could I take it off an move it? No because all the little needle holes are right there in the plastic. Oh well - I take the stuff-ups quite well as i am so used to them !

Hopefully I'll have pics of the hallway tomorrow and today's craft as well - all these little bits will be in the hallway !

This look like an eye-spy page. So can you find the box my mothers wedding ring came in? The man with wonky arms?, sauce bottle stoppers, teeny tiny spider-web like embroidery.
Plenty more of these little treasures, all collected and waiting for their new home (anything is an improvement on living in the underpants drawer).


  1. Jodie
    Looks like you do have some treasures there.. I can see the ring box, and is that Brugge Lace under the key? and a thimblelady thimble? Love the diamante brooches..
    Whenever I move furniture I always find stuff I had misplaced, like 4 tape measures, 2 balls of perle thread last night, and lordy knows how many dust bunnies have escaped my attention?

    Enjoy your last weekend of Freedom!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your hall Jodie - I found my sitting room yesterday! Great excitement in our household! It was still there under all the mess, like a long lost friend! Lucy x

  3. Have you sewn plastic over the red& white plastic?. I like the idea.

  4. Sounds as though you have had a very productive holiday. Love your treasures and looking forward to seeing the pics of the hall.

  5. Thanks for a great day yesterday. Went to visit Kitty and she looks very happy indeed. Mine still needs a face. I think you are a master painter and I love your little treasures

  6. Love the vintage pattern in the bag Jodie - very retro. Hey I know where to get the spotty plastic but where do you get the clear plastic for the front??? And will my machine cope with sewing the plastic??? I can just hear it moaning and whinging when I give it a try!!


Hellloooooo !!!!