Sunday, June 10, 2007


(as tagged by Cottage magpie)

  1. Invent an exercise that does not require a sports bra, or in fact, any sweating, exertion or discomfort at all. This program will enable us to lose weight according to kilometres sewn.
  2. Abolish any clothing sized in single figures unless it is in the children's department.
  3. LEAVE Paris Hilton in jail until everyone has forgotten who she is.
  4. Develop truth vaccine for staff meetings - now that would be funny !!!
  5. Forget polyester, matching sister outfits, fleuro orange, that strange obsession with inappropriate boys at Uni and The Culture Club.
  6. Ban puffed sleeves on any garment intended for a female over the age of 8.
  7. Remove the word "whatever" from functional use.
  8. Become a pirate (helloooooo Mr Depp)
  9. Remember where I hid "my Style". I mean I last had it just before Jem was born but the minute I hit maternity trousers I decided to put it away somewhere safe so it wouldn't get damaged. 15 yrs and a number of house moves on I still can't remember where I put it.
  10. Learn not to keep every important piece of paper pertaining to my life in my underpants drawer.

Oh I am not sure about this whole tagging thing but I checked out wikipedia and it seems I will be in dire trouble if I don't.

I mean, can I tag people I don't even know? It seems a bit weird so I shall just tag Annie and Emma then jump on over and tell them all about it. (I told you I take this stuff too seriously.)

Too much thinking !!!


  1. Just read your post and tag to do, and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. Didn't think I had enough energy left after ALL day in the garden playing with my friends the flowers! You are a funny lady. I will try and comply
    Love Annie. p.s. Loved our outing with the scarves

  2. I have one of those drawers too!!!

  3. I just grinned when readin' #8...I haven't seen POC #2 or POC #3...can you imagine?

  4. Oh, like, WHATEVER! :-) Ha, ha, ha! You're list is SO funny, I love it! And I'm glad you were game and jumped into the tagging thing. Creative genius, that's what you are. More Selvedge Salvage, that's what I want! ~A :-)


Hellloooooo !!!!