Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Its all True !

On Monday, after I had almost forgotten about it . This gorgeous Japanese embroidery book dropped into my letter box.

I had a little look right away and then last night had a longer drooling look and a quick rustle through the embroidery threads (purchased last week in anticipation) and then.........................

I put it aside - for I am the type of girl who finishes each project to the letter. I am the type of girl who sews on the last button , irons the project and immediately puts it to use. I am the type of girl whose sewing room is clean and sparse and minimalist. I am the type of girl who has folders of projects she may like to attempt in the future, colour coded and catalogued according to genre and sub genre. I am the kind of girl who sees the joy and wisdom in taking a project slowly and thoughtfully and enjoying every stitch right to the last final stitch where she can sigh a little self-satisfied sigh before she starts the next project.

I am the type of girl who lies through her back teeth.


  1. Jodie

    its not 'lying' its storytelling by omission :O)
    Love the book and definately love Poppy.. soo cute!


  2. Ok, I was envying you all the way through thinking that there are actually people who can do this, then I read the end and realized you are just like me.

    Mary D in Texas

  3. Love the embroidery book and just want to do some. Also Poppy is the cutest thing. I LOVE her, even without a tail!!

  4. Oh yes, I am a similar type of girl (although I do actually have future projects all catalogued in folders - they tend to stay that way though). What a fantastic book!

  5. what a lovely book. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  6. Ha ha ha! You slay me! And that book is gorgeous! Can't wait to se what you do with it and your talented self. ~A :-)


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