Friday, June 8, 2007

My blog conscience or Jimminy cricket is not a crafter !

Dear Diary,

This week I promise to finish things off and not start any new projects until the THREE UFO baskets are empty and I have put the binding on the baby quilt.

Monday ...... Dear Diary, I finished off this little baglet. Yes I know I had cut out and partially sewn four of them but this is like totally finished -the base is covered and stitched and and the button is on - like totally finished.

Tuesday .......Dear Diary - Hows this? I finally machine embroidered the scarf that I started last winter ! Yes I know there are two others rolled up ready to be done ...I know . OK ?

Wednesday.......Dear Diary -

  • Went op-shopping and bought a coathanger. Came home and hung it up on the wall. This is not a new project diary but rather an ongoing collection so it doesn't count ! NER ! (wish I could find nicer hooks)
  • Bought fabric to make binding for baby quilt.
  • Tweaked ongoing pattern (first started about 2yrs ago so it does count.)
  • Fiddled with, but did not ACTUALLY start new handbag.

Thursday...........Dear Diary -
  • Bought fabric for binding baby quilt.
  • Googled embroidery stitching instructions (googling doesn't count).
  • May have almost quite by accident kind of started the new bag a little bit.

Friday ................. Dear Diary
  • Worked on new bag
  • blogged
  • threw away diary.


  1. Good grief, I'm tired just reading that. Busy, busy, you! :D And kudos to you for lasting as long as you did. Heh

    I'm digging that wall color, btw. :D

  2. Oops, I meant to add: the purse rocks and those hangers are oh, so, scrumptious. :D

  3. The wall clour is called "squashed kermit" according to Miss 15.

  4. i love your little bag - its really cute.

  5. I absolutely love adore covet that scarf :) & can't wait to see the other two when they're all done...

  6. Oh my, that could be MY diary!

    I start a project, get half way finished...and then, a new fabric arrives...I MUST make something with that NOW. So, I start that project, get half way finished...and then I need a baby shower gift. So, I start that project, etc......

    LOL Thanks for the laugh!

    And that scarf is amazing!

    Kimberly :)

  7. Thanks Kimberly and Mrs G (and everyone).
    I might do a tutorial on the scarf -it is very easy but sometimes I think I will be teaching people what they already know (teaching grandma to suck eggs as we say).

  8. OMG! That purse is absolutely adorable. Tell me you're going to share the pattern. Puhleeeze??? ~A :-)


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