Friday, June 15, 2007

and the good bits......

The good things week include.................

Finishing off the baby quilt before the baby has even arrived (I am usually months and months behind). I consider this to be my first ever "real" quilt, in as much as it is not just squares sewn together. It is in fact only squares with circles on them sewn together but still a little more complex for me than normal. Much better as a quilt than an apron I think! I quilted every second square with different coloured thread.

Also got some great news from Emma of Ballarat Patchwork . She tells me they will be stocking the Dick and Jane range (in about July). I get first dibs so the rest of you will have to be quick !

Today I drafted a number of patterns for a little monkey - to go along with the quilt. I have a monkey obsession and have had for many years. I have made loads of sock monkeys of all persuasions but wanted to make something a little more substantial. Of course a monkey has been in my brain long enough for me to purchase exactly how many monkey suitable fabrics......

Only the top lot are really bought, all the rest is thrifted so surely they don't count...


  1. fantastic quilt - it looks great

  2. Love your quilt! Monkey faces in picture frames are perfect for the border. Well done!

  3. Hi Jodie,
    am I stupid what are monkey socks. Am new to all this!
    Kind regards Melissa mrs bfv 0:)....

  4. Hi Mel, That is hysterical - sock monkeys are monkeys made of socks - Kind of like the dog I made of socks many posts ago. Socks make great critters and i also make monsters out of them.
    I'll email you some pics

  5. Jodie, that quilt is just perfect. I am very proud of you! I love monkeys too and will wait with anticipation for the new pattern. Well Done!

  6. More fabric is ALWAYS better. No matter how much you get, you're never going to have the exact right shade or texture, right? So I say more, more, more! ~A :-)

  7. What a delightful quilt! It's really lovely Jodie - much better than making it into an apron ;-)

  8. I happened to have googled sock monkey quilts and came across YOUR quilt.

    All I can say is WOW!!! What CUTE quilt.

  9. yay sock monkeys!!
    Your quilt is lovely!


Hellloooooo !!!!