Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dick and Jane !

Annie and I were recently chatting and she had the idea to upgrade those green bags we use at the supermarkets. Her final results were amazing.

I decided to make something similar for work. At the moment I carry a tub in and out of work each day - I call it the guilt tub. I toss all sorts of stuff in there, promising myself "I'll read that when I get home, I'll go through that catalogue properly on the weekend etc etc."

I dutifully carry the tub into the car then into my house every night where I ignore it until I throw my lunch on top of it in the morning and carry it back to work !

So now I have a bag for work to carry all that stuff in. It is not as big as a supermarket green bag - I narrowed the base and sides to a more manageable 6 1/2 ".

Of course, being a library chick meant it was the perfect excuse to use a bit of the Dick and Jane fabric - totally appropriate !

And in my usual style how much fabric did I buy for one bag? Well the dick and Jane I already had and the green canvas weight was originally intended for the apron.

Bargain you think? Well I had first intended it to have different coloured base and sides so off I went and bought 1m of red canvas but then at another shop bought 1/2 m each of pink and blue as well. I also needed a bit of wadding so grabbed 2m from the patchwork shop where I fell in love with two other fabric (1/2 m of each of those too please madam and could I also have 5 magnetic closures ?).

I first made it up with pink sides (check out that free motion quilting) and hated it so had to unpick my triple stitching, so it ended up all green anyway.

So even though I had all the fabrics that eventually went into this bag , including a vintage cotton for the lining, that I thrifted last week, it would seem I purchased an additional 3m of fabric, 2m of wadding and 5 magnetic handbag closures........ (oh and a metre of unrelated but extremely gorgeous fabric from Aunty Cookie as well)

Its not that I am saying its a bad thing ...................


  1. the bag looks great.... im sure all your other fabrics will be out to great use - as long as they dont stay in the bag!!!!!

  2. Fantastic work as usual Jodie! I adore your fashionable green bag! I have a green bag in the cupboard waiting to be used as a pattern along these lines - you're one step ahead of me as usual!

    I laughed so much at your other purchases bought - I do that all the time! I go out and get some "bargain" item that I "needed" and leave with another ten things as well . . . all forming part of the all-important stash!

    Lara (yes, still waiting . . . )

  3. Hi Jodie,
    I so relate to you and what Lara said about buying things and it ending up in the common stash. You mean it for one thing and then it get left out and something else goes in its place. David saw this and said that this is so me!!!
    Love Mel!

  4. Mmm.... must buy fabric. Love the bag! And nice quilting, there! ~A :-)

  5. I LOVE this bag! I have an idea for all the extras....make up another bag just like this one and sell it to me!

  6. Hi Guys - Thanks so much - I am glad you like it and can relate to my excess fabric buying. I have cut out three more in red, pink and blue to make me feel better about the over purchasing.....

  7. That's a great bag. I just found out my mom loves Dick and Jane so I'm scoping out bag ideas. I really like the green fabric you used.


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