Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bags,buttons , Stitches and Craft

Hi Guys,
Oh a quick hello today . I thrifted these buttons during the week. Aren't the jars with the green lids lovely - they are very old plastic lids with no labels (except the ugly texta from the op shop)

Tomorrow I am of the the "Stitches and Craft" show in melbourne where I shall elbow my way through the beads and scrapbooking to get at the fabrics.....

I have all but finished two bags to show you as well. One is called Norma and the other (whom I love) has no name yet. Maybe you can help me when you see her. I will do my best to get a decent pic and post them tomorrow or later tonight.


  1. Hi Jodie, Lovely to hear from you on my blog. I love your buttons - now, why do op shops have to put texta on lovely tins and jars all the time? SO annoying!

    Allison x

  2. I know - it drives me mad !!!


Hellloooooo !!!!