Saturday, March 10, 2007

Satuday Yay ! Free Time anyone???

There is never enough time is there? All these things I have to do compete with the things I want to do .

I had to go get some plastic eyes and groceries this morning (more on those eyes later) so had a quick stop at the op shop on the way. I bought the cutest vintage bunny rabbit cotton and some sweet pillowcases.

Then....... something I just couldn't walk past - an old quilt top all pieced and topstitched but not finshed - I just LOVE it - I have nowhere to keep it but just couldn't leave it hanging there among the threadbare old towels.

So that, and trip to the supermarket and bakery meant I got to do a bit of the have to's and the want to's this morning.

This afternoon involves cutting lots and lots of vintage chenille - finishing the eye project !!! and maybe getting a start on the new bag thats been kicking around the brain all week .

And I guess I have to watch the kids, clean the house, do some washing (lots) have dinner........oh the have-to list feels awfully long today.

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