Monday, March 12, 2007

Holiday Monday !!

Hiya - yep a public holiday here in ballarat so a nice slow day.

I finally got to have a go at that bag that has been haunting me ....only to run out of bias binding with 10 cms to go AAARRRGGGGHHHH !

So more on that later (hopefully tomorrow but the staff meeting may get in the way).

Yesterday my friend Emma of Ballarat Patchwork (she of the yo yo encrusted bosom below) started a blog - I can already tell you that it will be beautiful , she has an exceptional eye for colour, detail and general gorgeousness. Take a look here.

YesterdayI got into the cutting - I have a strange love for my rotary cutter, especially when it has a new blade - I cut and cut and cut ! Over 500 wee squares of vintage chenille.
A quick thankyou for all the beaker love yesterday and yes he is a bit lonely but his rather racy stripey wife is on the way .

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  1. You are too kind Jodie Chenille!!!!!!


Hellloooooo !!!!