Friday, March 23, 2007

New bags !

In an effort to rescue this from becoming a shopping blog, I have saved the photos of the rest of my "stitches and Crafts" purchases for another day.

I thought I'd show off my TV craft - Remember the Yoyo's at the AQC well I have been working on a few each time I get the chance and I have about 100 or so now.
I have made them out of all sorts of fabrics with no idea of colour or design - just the scraps as they came out of the bag and I love how they look. Miss 15 says they look like a bucket of lollies !

Now I didn't get all this done this week- Mostly it was just finishing off . These are two of the bags I have had on the go for a few weeks but at last they are finished.

This is "Norma".

Quite roomy with a pocket inside and magnetic clasp. The killer was handsewing the bias at the back......

And this is Scribble (for want of a better name).

Much more to Miss 15's likeing although she did have a few colourful suggestions as to the word she would like on the next bag.

( French assignments can do that to a girl)

Master 12 turned up his nose at Scribble saying it was too "squarish" but he liked the look of the face on the back.

So you may as well join in and send me some constructive criticism- If I can take the kids I think I'll cope.


  1. The bags are great! And those yo-yos - wow, what will they become! Now I really have to get one of those Clover yo-yo things and start turning my scraps into future beautiful things!

  2. Wow, I just stumbled upon your blog via Rummage and decided to read your earlier posts a bit. I am really surprised when I see a photo in this post.

    Norma is currently taking a rest in my bedroom together with the other bags. I love her. I purchased her off eBay (from you?) last year. She´s gorgeous. Thanks.


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