Friday, March 30, 2007

BoBo - Vintage chenille

I just wanted to let you see BoBo before he gets all wrapped up. I made this litle guy for a friend who loves penguins. He looks a little owlish to me, but in my vast collection of vintage chenille I have no black. In fact I never seen true black original vintage chenille.

So a quick trip to Ballarat Patchwork sourced the delicious chocolate brown chenille and his little tummy is vintage.

This was super easy and sewed up in no time - I want to make some more in nice bright colours now!!!

Stay tuned on the chocolate brown chenille-I am working on a new pattern and I may need some willing Guinea pigs to try it out for me. It will be easy and sweet....... any takers?


  1. Hi Jodie - I will try any quick and easy pattern out - let me know your email address (I don't have a blog). Kerry

  2. Kerry,
    A thousand thankyous

    and then we can go from there.

  3. Hi Jodie,

    I'd love to help out! Let me know if I can assist - you know I love chenille! By the way, I think that I am a reciprocal blog stalker!



Hellloooooo !!!!