Monday, March 5, 2007

Thrifting / op-shopping saturday

Hi .

Well my love affair with blogger is being tested ! Everything went well for about a week but love is fickle and now blogger hates my photos -.

Hopefully it will work this time

Saturday involved a little op shop excursion - I notice all the US blogs call it "thrifting" which sounds kinda nice. Anyway, see the frame ? At my house we call these ballerina frames and I love them. I always imagine them with pictures of ballerina's inside but this one is empty so I will have to find something to put inside. Some vintage fabrics, a funky tin (already claimed by Miss 15) and a cheery day all round.

and buttons -aren't they gorgeous. I just can't go past a bag or jar of buttons in an op shop without having a look.... and these are gorgeous. Some pretty glass ones and I came home and sorted them into the collection ! (button therapy)


  1. Jodie, I love the buttons! I am desperate to do a bit of serious op-shopping and build up the button and fabric collections. I found a brilliant vintage shop recently but the woman running it most definitely knows that she can charge high prices (no op-shop bargains there)! Great finds!

  2. Hi everyone,
    I am a op-shop/thift shopping queen just ask my husband. Everytime I go out I am like a magnet and always bring something home. I am thinking of giving it a name how about the 'milly phenomenon'(milly being the nickname my family call me). I know where all of the good places are and I always get lots of bargins and the house seams have been showing for a while. Fortunately in front of my daughters preschool there is a second hand shop and the lady named Rona is a treasure and I seem to buy things a couple of times a week and she is kind enough to put up with me and put things away for me.
    You name what you can collect and I am sure that I collect it and love this fact too.
    I hope I have not waffled too always!
    Love Mel!


Hellloooooo !!!!