Monday, November 26, 2007

Post 97 - the weekend went where?

The weekend was filled with painting again.
This room has been a bit of a struggle - the wallpaper was a cow to remove and of course then we had the "great wait" for the plasterer. The walls are the same colour as Jem's but the difference in the light made it look very yellowy. I had to keep lightening it until I got something I was happy with. The fireplace is not finished , and the window isn't started but we are getting there. The picture rail is the same grey as the mantle and the carpet (when it gets here) is a dark charcoal grey. I am thinking of red curtains.

The rest of the weekend passed like this !

These are some of the pics we are using in the snapfish book I am making for Mr Ric-Rac's grandmother for Christmas , she's a very sprightly 99 who has everything (as you would by the time you are 99 I guess).
This was hysterically funny to do and I could easily make another book of all the blooper shots. Connor's moustache changes design every few photos because he kept smudging it. Jemma's dress is held together with bull-dog clips . There are lots of shots of the dog's bum or a pushbike, or pieces of garden junk in the background.
This took two days over two weekends but I think she'll love it. Even though I am not actually manually making the book - maybe this can squeeze in as handmade Christmas?????


  1. Very cute idea for a gift! and yes I would count that as handmade-ish!

  2. the photos look wonderful Jodie! yes definately handmade. Thank you so much for doing the tag I REALLY enjoyed reading it and I have loved looking at the amazing things you have been making lately! Always a joy to pop over to your blog!! :)

  3. The book photos look superb Jodie - what a clever idea! I think it definitely counts as handmade (because it's all brainmade)!

  4. Of course it is hand made-you couldn't buy that in a shop! Mr Ric Rac's grandmother will love it I'm sure-very clever of you! It looks as though you had a lot of fun too!

  5. Yup, I agree with everyone else! Definitely counts as handmade - loads of love and thought have gone into creating it! Lucy x

  6. Most definitely a hand made gift Jod! You were the engineer of it all. You are just "outsourcing!!!!" one of my favourite words.

  7. I love your book idea, what a fantastic pressie.. and a keepsake.. I'd call it handmade, you have put the effort in, and just had it printed somewhere else..

    the house is coming together lovely, mine is still looking like a warzone, but hey, I know where everything is, cause its on every surface of the house!

    take care


  8. It required a lot of time and effort on your behalf (and the kids') so that definitely counts as hand-made in my book. Great idea too!

  9. Red curtains sound just DIVINE!!!!! They'll really make the room.
    What gorgeous pictures. WOW, 99... Well done I say! I'm sure that she'll just love your gift idea.


  10. What a great idea, she'll probably love the book and get so much enjoyment out of it- and it counts as handmade by you I reckon.

  11. That room is going to be very cool! I can't wait to see it. And to hear that you waited for a plasterer...that's just music to my ears. I love plaster. But if I had walls with plaster (I don't), and needed them to be repaired, I wouldn't even know where to find a plasterer. They're just not very common here. Sigh.
    ~Angela :-)

  12. What a lovely gift for someone. I'm off to investigate snapfish. Oh, & I reckon it counts as handmade too.


  13. Aaack!...You have my sympathies on the wallpaper removal. Not fun.
    Cute photo book. It looks like you have a couple of actors on your hands. LOL

    Kimberly :)


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