Monday, November 19, 2007

Post 94 and a half

Well, three days with no computer certainly affects the craft output I must say !

Lottie and Lester dressed and off to Mirabel

A bag that has been awaiting its finish for far too long - Done !!! (bad photo-sorry)

Two frilly aprons as part of the handmade Christmas for my little ex-neighbours. I will give these along with chef's hats and a cook book!

My owl that was inspired by the gorgeous owls over at moonstitches. Mine are a bit rougher around the edges but have their own hairy eye-browed charm.

A parliament !!!! These are going to be pre-prepared last minute gifts - well they were. I had five this morning and am now down to two after showing them off at work - Luckily they are super quick to make.

and finally a doll quilt for my niece, to go with her dolly and accessories - just needs the binding

I am running behind on some important thank you's but they deserve their own post tomorrow- 94 and 3/4 maybe ????


  1. wow, loving everything here, the aprons are just lovely and those owls are sooo cute and the monkeys....
    Sarah xx

  2. Hi,
    I am so in love with those monkeys and the aprons so fantastic. Quilt in great too. You always gobsmack me jods.
    Love Mel!

  3. Hi Jodie!
    Wow you have been busy and I love everything! Those owls are so cute and my fave has to be those gorgeous aprons!!! love the fabric too, Leroy has a box covered in that print, so cute!

  4. You have certainly been in a sewing frenzy! I love your softies especially Lester's felt pants-gorgeous!The aprons are lovely and will make great gifts and your owls have such character. I'm impressed!(again!)

  5. You were a busy girl over the weekend Jodie. Missed you on line but that sewing room got a work out. Well Done! Just LOVE those Monkeys.

  6. So that's the idea, break your computer and then you can get lots of sewing done.
    You have been very productive.
    Love the bag and aprons best.
    I'm getting so many ideas for Xmas presents but will I get them made?

  7. Hi Jodie, lovely to hear from you.

    The bag & aprons are just adorable. Where do you source your fabric from ? I love the vintage look.


  8. It's ALL brilliant! Maybe I need to ditch my computer for a few days too in order to get my Christmas sewing done. How did you do the gorgeous little frills around the aprons - do you have a ruffler foot for your machine or did you gather them all by hand?

  9. I was just thinking this morning I should turn my computer off and I might get some sewing done...and here I am. You aprons are adorable - I love that Dick and Jane fabric.

  10. I love the pants on the boy monkey. They are gorgeous and there are some lucky kids out there. I donated a doll thanks to you posting about the cause. Love all your projects well done on completing so many!!

  11. Hi Jodie, loving everything you are too clever, your family/friends are so lucky to be receiving such lovely gifts. Cheers Christine

  12. It's all fab but I particularly like the parliament. They are some serious chaps aren't they.

  13. I love the monkeys too! So cheeky.

    There's some great stuff being done by all you crafty people for Mirabel.

  14. Wow Jodie that's some sewing output! I think you need to have a computer breakdown more often (although then we wouldn't get to see all your lovely things so I might have to rethink that!) I'm planning on having a go with the owls too and I love the expressions on your monkeys' faces - perfect!
    Lucy xx

  15. Your parliament is ingenious. I am in awe.
    Just great!

  16. It all looks great Jodie!!! I love the red oilcloth you used in the bag... Where did you get it from?? I've been searching for some for a while now but just can't seem to find any nice designs like that one. The little owls are gorgeous, thanks for the link!! What did you stuff yours with? Great to see that you're getting on top of your handmade xmas gifts too.


  17. That doll quilt is gorgeous!! I can't figure out how I would get all the lines and squares to match up... did you wing it, or is there a pattern somewhere?! I would love to make a big version (as I no longer play with dolls! haha!).

  18. love love love the little owls!!i think their frilly eyebrows are just the ticket!the dollys quilt is fab, isnt it a great way to use up scraps?!

  19. Everything is great - you have been so productive!


Hellloooooo !!!!