Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Its really number 96-thankyou

Have you ever received a gift that is just perfectly "you". Like someone really gets you and gave you the ultimate perfect thing?

Well that has happened to me twice lately.

Firstly Lara of thornberry sent me the most amazing scarf - a work of art. This is me - perfectly. red - my favourite colour and kind of unusual-just like me!!!

The most amazing thing about this is that Lara doesn't even "know" me in the traditional sense. We read each others blogs and share a love of chenille but we have never met.

Lara , for no reason, sent me this beautiful scarf and it is my most favourite all time ever scarf (I own about 20 so I know what I talk about when we speak scarf.)

I want to say a thousand thank yous to you Miss Lara -pop over and see it in all its glory here.

That's me about 2 seconds after I unwrapped it -school bags in the background - junk on the bench. What great styling !!!

More recently I was a winner on the Lino Forest blog. If you have not visited you must go there right now and have a look. Betty Jo has the most unique creations - I know that word is bandied around in blog land quite a lot but it is true. I received this most exquisite brooch.

It is quirky and vintage and is just so cheerful and beautifully crafted - please go and take a look.

I adore it !!! Seriously. Just like my scarf , I wore this to work to rave reviews!!!! So a thousand thank you also. With gifts like these people at work are going to start raising their fashion-expectations of me.

With my 100th post coming up I am looking forward to being able to pay some of this great feeling and gratitude forward, so four posts to go!
Have you ever received a perfect gift ?


  1. That scarf is amazing, just like you! :-) I may have to go back to my first love, crochet! I think my most perfect gift so far was for my last birthday when my husband changed the kitchen penninsula to an island! Is that weird?
    ~Angela :-)

  2. a perfect gift? My sister in law cleaned my house when I was in hospital having my first feral.. that was BLISS to come home to... she did everything, and I mean everything, even folded my underwear! it didn't cost anything other than time, and I'll always remember it!

    Second best gift, was Dags (aka Super DH) taking said first feral out in the pram so I could eat my dinner while it was STILL hot when said feral was a wee little monster (unlike his large monster status now)...

    still hanging in there!

  3. You are the 'Pay it forward' girl. Having been a recipient of your generosity I'm sure you deserve many more treasures to come your way.

  4. I recieved a lovely bag from you which was just perfect!! Love your new scarf !
    Sarah x

  5. Oooh lovely goodies! The perfect gift? Hmm,not sure! Lately though it has been my lovely blog-friend-presents I think - oh and the new Janet Bolton book that I'm getting my hubby to give me for Christmas! (Do presents that you chose yourself count?????) Lucy x

  6. I love a good scarf, probably because I have short hair and a skinny neck (yes, I look like a turkey) so I need something to keep me cosy.
    Hmmm, perfect present? new kitten that my husband got for our daughter's birthday this year, after telling me I wouldn't never be allowed another cat.

  7. That scarf is divine Jodie. I've been admiring it on Lara's blog. Your owls and bags and aprons and other thingies are all beautiful too. How cute are the owls??? I love how yours have a bit of attitude with their ruffly bits.

  8. I love those owls. I have plans to make them for a nephew and put one letter of the alphabet on an ABC toy. I love that scarf. I saw it posted on Lara's blog a bit ago and loved it...I sdaw her first one too-so pretty!
    You are a lucky lady for certain!

  9. You are a lucky duck indeed. They are wonderful gifts. Enjoy-you deserve them!

  10. You must send me a pic of you wearing owl brooch.
    Thanks for the nice words. Some people may not "get" what I do, but it's nice to find someone who does!

  11. No 96, I left a great big comment and blogger didn't like it and wouldn't publish it. But hey I LOVE your scarf and broach and you look HOT wearing them. Not quite like the original comment but same idea.

  12. Hi Jodie - I'm sorry I don't think I got back to you to say thank you for your comments re: my horse - that in itself was a lovely gift - mainly because not many people have said kind words to me about his passing (probably because they are not horsey people and just 'don't get it') I'm sorry too for your sadness re your own pony, but we know don't we, how much they were and always will be worth to us.
    p.s. scarf is ace

  13. Gorgeous goodies, and thanks for the link to those blogs.

    And I just LOVE the monkeys (and owls) in your last post :)

    Have a happy weekend

  14. Aw shucks! I am so thrilled that you love the scarf, and touched by your kind words. I heard the phrase "random acts of kindness" once - I am trying a little to carry some out!
    Love the owl brooch too - thanks for the link to Betty Jo!

  15. Love, love, love your scarf! Gorgeous - what a generous (and beautiful) gift!!

  16. that looks so cool - off to check out the blog now!

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  18. Lets try that again,big spelling mistakes!Sorry jods!!! What gorgeous presents. You are certainly blessed and I but it all down to karma, you so deserve the pressies and more my friend! Love Mel!


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