Friday, May 18, 2007

Sewin' shoppin' and swearin'

I have been sewing this week, working on the quilt. For the life of me I cannot get a photo that's decent - how do you take photos of quilts? All of it with no details or just a little section ? GGGRRRR - that's where the swearin' came in.

But I can't stay cross for long because this week I bought the best fabric from Shannon over at Aunty Cookie. She made this fabric - like actually designed and magically created her own - off the bolt fabric. She is one talented woman !!! Go on - go over and have a look................

Isn't it great?

The fabric is spectacular and that "kind of detail impressed me"(LOL) That is what is written on the fabric. The handwriting even had the little arrows on it that's guides children's writing - I just love it.

I am imagining a handbag with a red wool base -or cherry red with the fabric and then red handles - but i did spend some time this morning wrapping it around the existing cushions on the lounge and it look great - I just need a little something red in there............

Her new design with the birdies and trees I am also in love with as well as the fabrics that Lara of Kirin Notebook is working on. Seriously, this is fabric paradise.


  1. Hi Jodie, great fabric - are you buying these wonderful fabrics online or locally? I also adore the Kirin Notebook ones - and the Kristin Doran ones at Cheeky Beaks are brilliant too. Trying to work out how to justify some purchases . . .

  2. HI lara, I got this through etsy.
    Etsy is the best thing - I am becoming a serious addict - move over ebay.

  3. Love the fabric! And hate trying to get good pictures of quilts! I usually find that details are easier to shoot, but I hate not being able to show the whole thing! I say, just throw it on the bed and shoot it so we can all see it! ~A :-)


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