Saturday, May 5, 2007

Chenille softie !!!

Hi everyone ,
I had a super time on school camp . It was filled with sleepless nights, vomit, tears, near accidents , lots and lots of laughter and some great kids. Everything a school camp should have !

Now just in case you think I am superwoman - I did not make this frog this morning - I made him before camp along with the others but he had no mouth - so voila ! Now he is done.

I think I am almost over the round ball animals but still lurking in the back of my mind are a hedgehog and a fish - so you never know.

Today I want to whip up a few quick things so I can join the cottage charm giveaway - stay tuned !!!


  1. Jodie
    I love your froggie.. Where did you get a pattern or is it one of your made up ones? I like your post on my blog that you 'are a great refolder', beleive me, so am I! I joined an online groups "queen of the UFO's' challenge. The challenge is to finish something and move down the list, the higher you are on the list, the more chance you have of attending a coronation! Believe me, the thought of a cyber crowning has had me moving through those UFO's!
    Quilty Huggers


  2. Lissa,
    That is hilarious. I'm sure I would be the queen of the UFO's. (or definately a lady of the folding realm )
    The froggie is one of mine - he just evolved with the other ball animals. I would love to make a PDF pattern for people to download but it is technically beyond me at this point.
    I'll come up with something I hope !!!


Hellloooooo !!!!