Monday, May 21, 2007

The LIST !!!!!

I did get some sewing done on the weekend and finished the bag that was giving me some grief. I made one of these for a friend a long time ago but needed to tweak the pattern a little. Well I think I over tweaked and then had to do a bit of unpicking and so forth.

I have been reading Cottage Magpie today and I really loved Angela's post about wanting do so many things. I have this incurable thought that I am far far more capable /organised than I really am. At work I write huge lists and tell myself "If I can just catalogue that whole trolley of books this morning I will be able to whip up a paper mache fish after lunch and then do some labelling and covering in the afternoon. Yeh right !!!. Come 4 O'clock I have catalogued half a trolley of books if I'm lucky so the list moves over to the next day and the next. The list is a work in progress in itself.

And that it just at work - At home I have the List also (not always down on paper, sometime just in my head). There is the we-better-fix-things- list before Granny falls through the floor. There is the weird-grown-up-stuff list that has things on it like find out what superannuation is all about and may be join all my little crappy job contributions into one mega fund of oh....about $600.

There is list of be-a better-parent things like feed your children real food, teach them life skills, help Miss Jem find a job, stop nagging, be more normal .

Of course the list-of-all lists is the craft list. far too large and complex to try and explain .......

but Tick -one less item on the list and one less UFO !


  1. Nice Jod, lovely concept!

  2. Love the bag Jodie!
    Also love the topic of "the list" - I waste many hours on my mental lists (if I only wrote them down I might stop trying to remember everything on them) but have found going through my mental lists a great way to help with pregnancy insomnia . . .

  3. Thanks guys - when you didn't blog on the weekend Lara I thought you may have been busy babying.....

  4. Jodie, that bag is SUPER georgous! I SO relate to all the lists. I love the comic that has the woman with lists and says "behind every great woman, is rather a lot of lists!" I think you are VERY capable and special

  5. Hi Jodie! Great post! I love the concept of all the lists....the parent list and the job list. I so relate! And the dress is stunning. Meanwhile, thank you so much for the mention of my blog! That is the best, you are so nice! Thanks! ~A :-)

  6. Hi Jodie, no, no baby yet - just busy with other family commitments over the weekend! Some more blogging coming up though - I did manage to do some more sewing!


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