Friday, May 11, 2007

Thrifting paradise.

This is why I work part-time........... This morning I was able to pop in to a local op-shop and BINGO !!!! Check this out.

All the buttons from a $5 jar - I opened it and right there on the top was this gorgeous vintage diamante well as all these treasures, little glass buttons and lovely old metal ones......

A separate $2.50 bag revealed these - they are all glass...I love the cameos...I really wish I knew more about buttons. Can anyone recommend a good button book?

the second bag was full of all these pretties.......

and a bag of vintage British snaps for $1 (some of these will go in my Cottage charm Giveaway Pack)
I also grabbed a very soft almost musliny embroidered apron, and some beautiful vintage fabrics ...........

Then, as I went to pay the person serving me asked me if I sewed (I think all the buttons were a dead giveaway). She said they had a bag of sewing stuff out the back I could have if I wanted it. It turned out to be a bag of unfinished Granny squares destined for the bin as they though no-one would want them.

Now, I am sooooo not a knitter or a crocheter so this bag is free to a good home. If you have a use for this and live in Australia, let me know and I will pop it all in a prepaid satchel and send it off to you. I mean, I just couldn't leave it there ready to be tossed away ...could I ?


  1. Hi there Jodie - so jealous of your op-shopping success! You must have the BEST op-shops there in Ballarat! Those filligree buttons are simply adorable. I did okay at the op-shops today, but my purchases were nowhere near as nice as yours!

    I am sort-of interested in the crocheted squares etc since I am hoping to do some more crochet soon (see my blog!), so if no-one else puts their hand-up I'm happy to take them off your hands. But if someone else is very keen, they're probably better off going to them!

  2. Unbelievable Jodie!! You have had a good day. One day I will work part time too for the very same reason. Lovely

  3. Hi Jodie you have had the best day op-shopping, I got to spend the day at our school gala day running the canteen, I am so jealous. Cheers Christine (rooster66ian)

  4. Wow what great finds Jodie!!! I just love those buttons that look like little plastic flowers...!!

  5. OMG! I LOVE BUTTONS! What fantastic treasures! I just bought a huge load from eBay recently--I should put up a photo.

    Meanwhile, thank you SO much for stopping by my blog! I have you down for the giveaway, and I love your blog and am adding it to my blogroll right now! Hope to e-see you soon!

  6. Hi guys - sorry for the absence.
    Diane was the first (via email) to offer a good home to the granny squares - thanks Diane.

  7. I am soo jealous of those buttons -
    they are fantastic!!!

  8. You lucky girl! I've searched and searched for old buttons like these without finding any, or when I did, the price was prohibitive. At least I can enjoy looking at yours. xoxo


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