Friday, May 31, 2013

Slide night 1


I don’t want to bore you (says the woman who took photos of the manhole covers) but I just want to tell you that the after-quilt market bit, hanging out in Portland was awesome. It is a truly beautiful city. All the inner city streets are tree-lined and there is sculpture  and gardens and interesting things to look at absolutely everywhere.


There were amazing buildings with fire escapes ! (Why don’t we have fire escapes ?)


There was eating. Do you know that Portland has hundreds of food carts? We ate a lot at the food carts, so much variety and always lots of people hanging out. There is one whole city block of food carts, you can walk the whole block trying to decide what kind of cuisine to try. I wanted to eat everything (and I put in a damn fine effort I might add)


and shopping? I’m so glad you asked.


Jem didn’t complain once during quilt market (sore feet aside) so I felt duty bound not to complain as she dragged me through every vintage clothing store in Portland. We visited a great suburb that was practically lined with vintage shops and cool cafes and I truly thought we had shopped every shop imaginable. But like a bloodhound , she can sniff out a retro bargain among the moth balls and I believe at least 8 frocks (and a multitude of other things) made the journey home with us.


Not wanting me to feel left out, Jem even found a vintage shop for me.


  1. I'm not sure what makes me more jealous, is it the fabric, the food, nope, it's managing to spend whole days with your daughter and she still went shopping with you! Great pics as usual, love your blog xx

    1. Tracey, just to be clear. I went shopping with her... She was driven !!!

  2. So glad to know that I am not the only one who takes photos of manhole covers!

  3. Oh that's a bit harsh. I have a Jem also but mine is with a G.

  4. Great photos. I'm sure all the dresses in 'fat fancy' were far too big for you.

  5. I took pics of fire escapes in Portland as well.....and the food carts were amazing! :)

  6. FABULOUS photies dear. Not a boring one in the bunch.

    I'm sure Portland will remember Jem.

  7. But did you go to VooDoo donuts? I love Portland. Your photo collages are awesome. While living in Japan I took quite a variety of manhole cover photos so I certainly don't think it odd. They are art! Jemma will be the coolest dressed girl in all of Australia!

  8. All that walking/shopping negated the food truck visit(s) right? Would love to see what bargains you found!

  9. Hi Jodi, it looks like you have had the time of your life. You must come and tell us all about it some time.... Back in the real world!!!

  10. Wasn't that sweet of her...

  11. Not sure what made me laugh more, the fact that I am GLAD you photographed the awesome patterns on the man hole covers...the fact that you can get a milkshake in a bourbon, maple and bacon favour (ewk)....or the shop you are too skinny for called fat fancy!
    Hmm think we dont have so many fire escapes cos we dont have so many buildings that are not built to fire regulation standards?or the ladders on our trucks are longer?! Many moons ago drudging up the back stairs in cool buildings in Melbourne (United Manchester) I did note that many had hidden fire escapes in the back perhaps they are not so obvious cos we have more back lanes? Damm I am now going to loose sleep thinking about this!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic journey with us, I loved seeing all your wonderful pictures.

  13. You certainly have captured some of the lovely sights around Portland. It is a beautiful city for sure and there is plenty to see and do right there.
    Only fair Jemma should get to drag you around after standing with you smiling all day for quilt market. I'm sure there was lots of laughter on your treks.
    So glad you sampled some of the local fare.
    Sounds like a successful trip all round.

  14. Ok, mind boggling at the Bourbon Maple Bacon Milkshake flavour...... whoever thought that up was having a bad day. But maybe not so bad as the person who thought up 'Fat Fancy!'

  15. Love the manhole covers. How pretty they are!
    Looking forward to more pics, cos I'm sure there must be more.
    I have a friend that travelled overseas and her favourite things to photograph were doors and windows, especially on ancient little houses. She has an incredible collection of pictures from all over Germany. She can't remember the names of the towns, but the doors and windows take her back.

  16. So glad that you had a great time in Portland with your daughter! Mother and daughter teams are the best!

  17. Oh you can be in charge of the slide show anytime. Not one photo that induced snoring and I learnt lots of new things. That bourboun milkshake would certainly be interesting. Those manhole covers could be used for some modern quilt inspiration too! Your blog always makes me smile!

  18. You are so funny! BTW the manhole covers are my favorite photos. Love, the girl with the green doodle

  19. Great photos - they make me want to go to Portland which is not something that I thought would ever occur to me. I might take a packed lunch though as those food photos make me think they would need to have quite a few shops like 'Fat Fancy'.

  20. Love it! Best slide night ever.


Hellloooooo !!!!