Friday, May 17, 2013

Its not pretty but it's 1am

This is about a 1/4 of the line of people lining up for sample spree.
( people were in the line at 3.30 for an 8 pm opening time)

This is what sample spree looks like before it is set-up.

After sample spree opens, it is all a blur but let me tell you those crafty chicks can move.

Outside in the line, they might all look like mild-mannered crafty folk, but once those doors open, it was like a stampede. For future reference, do not get in the way of a quilter and the Moda booth.

There are heaps of photos on instawobblies if you use it. Just search the quiltmarket hashtags and see it all.

Oh, I'll show you the giant swan tomorrow.


  1. Rest when you can Jodie so you can keep enjoying every minute

  2. Sounds like a different world, rest and enjoy!

  3. Your Booth looks great on the Instant thingy, wishing you great success !

  4. LOL sounds like fun! Hope you are having a great time!

  5. We're glad you could make it!

  6. Lots of love and luck to you Jodie for your maiden market. We know you'll wow them. So happy for you that your wonderful and wacky creativity has led to such an amazing opportunity. Knock 'em dead sweet, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences in nitty, bitty detail - especially the weird bits, like perpetually running drinking fountains! Ros x

  7. Your booth looked fantastic! And great talking to you at Sample Spree

  8. The Moda followers are the ones with the crazed look in their eyes and sharp elbows! I didn't get near that table. Oh my gosh I was so excited to meet you and your terrific daughter.


Hellloooooo !!!!