Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quilt market 2 : Colour and movement

I am guessing you have probably seen heaps of booth photos by now and you will certainly have read far better wrap-ups than you are going to read here.


It really was overwhelming. I had thought I would just wander around each day and take photos. Ha ! Not even close. To get around and try and see all the booths, I had to go early before Quilt Market opened and do a section each day.


I am still not sure I covered everything and some of my photos were shocking (big surprise)


If you want to see more photos you can check out more over on Flickr.

Oh and who is responsible for buggering up Flickr while I was gone?

Its dementing.


  1. It looks like it would have been an overwhelming feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing your experience of Portland with us.
    Where to next?

  2. Flickr is dead to me. Trying to be more like FB is never a good plan IMO.

    Your photos are fab. I'm only sorry photos of your booths aren't appearing in blogsville - or at least I haven't found any yet.

  3. I am so glad that your trip was a huge success. Thanks for sharing all your photos and experiences with us - who were left back here in Australia.
    Hope you can work something out with Flickr.

  4. Wonderful of you to share! Looks like a wonderful event.


Hellloooooo !!!!