Thursday, May 9, 2013

Craftsy to the rescue

Look over there on the right – see all those tabby things (made by a dear friend meg), well one of them still causes me grief.

The free patterns tab leads to tutorials and downloads and I get a huge number of emails from people for whom the download simply doesn’t (download that is).

So I struck upon a plan and I am going to add each of these (or most of them) to Craftsy. Craftsy is completely seamless in its downloadyness. Are you already a craftsy member? (it’s free). If you are you can find my shop and follow me if you like. (I guess that would mean you might get a notification when I add new stuff but I am just guessing)



So far I have added the party turtles and the pocket-bots – all completely free of course,  now with added downloadyness !

Just click on the photo and get downloading.

Now, who’s next ?


  1. Hi Jodie,
    Sounds like a great idea - I have been wanting to add some free patterns to my blog too, but wasn't sure how to go about it - Maybe THIS is the solution. Thanks for the idea :-)
    Also, how do I get that nifty "f" button for facebook?

  2. Hello Jodie! Thankyou for the free aptterns - I am finally goping to try to sew up a pocket bot - then maybe I will get onto something more complex

  3. WOoHOO! I'm on craftsy (I mean taking classes) I am not at your stature with tuto classes or anything but I love those turtles and I'd just like to see how it's done. Girl you are busy!!!

    1. Aren't the classes great Elaine ? I have friends who are doing loads of classes.I have a few on the wishlist for after Portland.

  4. If they'd only get that Nikki girl to do some classes for them!

    Downloadyness is an excellent word.

  5. Welcome to Craftsy - it is soooo easy and convenient to use, both if you are a seller and a buyer. If you buy something (even something free) don't forget to go to your Library (on your own user page) in order to download it. Sadly, Jodie, being a follower doesn't mean you get a notification if someone loads in another pattern - what it means is that if someone you are following loads in another new personal project onto their own page notification is sent to their followers. However, if you load your pattern into your own user page as a new project ( and mention that it is listed for 'sale' in your Craftsy shop in the comments section) then all your followers will know it is there. Xx. K

  6. In another life I would like to be a party turtle, I think.

  7. I agree with Peppermint; you'd be a great Crafty teacher, and I'd be first in line to take your classes!

  8. Craftsy is awesome -- you just sit back and get notified of a sale. Party on -- turtles!


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