Friday, April 3, 2009

What is going on here.

I'm not sure what has been in the water lately but it seems once again it has become "be nice to Jodie" time.

Case 1: It started with a prize from UpstateLisa.
Do you know this woman? She exercises - I mean really exercises, you know with sweat and everything! Not only that but she does it in the extremely early morning.
I admire her for all this,
But mostly I admire her quiltmaking skills.
Here is my heartstopping piece of gorgeousness. This piece just screams at me - I adore it, it is the texture of all the whites that kill me.....

Case 2: A little while ago Nanette sent me a "just because " present. I had mentioned that I was feeling a little bit house obsessed (in a crafty sense) and before I knew it - this wonderful mini-quilt arrived in my letterbox.

(Yes Nanette I know you think it is a potholder but this piece of art will never be holding a pot in my house). Nanette and I have been lucky enough to do a few little mail things for each other and I am going on record as saying she is the sweetest person in all of blogland.

Case 3: Also this week I got the most wonderful gift from a new artist on the block. As a Librarian, bookmarks are tools of my trade and therefore highly prized.

This one is my brand new most favourite bookmark ever and it came from one of my new friends Amy.

Case 4: At the show I met a woman called Sue. Or maybe my mum did. ( I have to say some of it seems to be a blur of meeting people) Anyway, Sue bought a doll pattern from me. She went home and made a doll. Then she asked permission (how nice is that?) to make some for charity. Of course I said yes and sent her along a boy pattern so she could make some boys as well.

Well this week Sue sent me a present. This present blew my mind. On the thoughtful, wonderful kinda humbling scale it rates as high as possible.

Sue sent me some fabric and some wool and some knitting needles.

Sue sent me the sweetest little knitted cardigan to fit a kinder kid, from a pattern that she designed

and wrote and sent to me!
Isn't that just amazing.

So I am shocked and grateful and humbled, as always by this crazy wonderful community or crafters and bloggers. I am always so so glad that I started this blog, stepped out of the crafting closet and joined this world.

Thanks for letting me play.


  1. That is brilliant Jodie - isn't it nice to receive "just 'cos" pressies! Love Sue's Kinder Cardi - what a woman!

  2. Oh, these are great! You are an inspiration to many folks, myself included! I can understand why so many want to 'be nice to Jodie'! ;)
    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful goodies. These are some very talented individuals, that's for sure!
    It's so funny, for every time I cut into a new piece of fabric, I always think "I bet Jodie would like this selvedge"! Your selvedge creations are amazing!


  3. What an enjoyable post! How fun to be connected to these lovely people and to get to appreciate some good old fashioned giving. Love, love, love the house mini quilt. x

  4. Oh Amy's gonna love this...
    And as for you - what goes around comes around oh generous one :-)

  5. It's amazing how much sweetness lives in blogland! It's just like living at the top of the Faraway Tree.
    Thankyou so much for the lovely parcel of goodies that arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

  6. It's like craft karma is coming your way! They are all so cute. So much talent. :)

  7. Sounds like karma coming right back at ya! Generosity for a generous soul.

  8. You could commission Sue to create knitted couture for the boy and girl dolls. I can see it now.. leg warmers, muffs, ear muffs, scarves....
    And hey Jodie.... karma's not a biatch in this case, hey!?

  9. What kindness and generosity...and of course creativity!

  10. I would say 'what goes around, comes around'. Your gratitude - which you've shown - is all that is required. Now...enjoy :)

  11. Blogland IS a pretty special place that brings together many kind hearts - sounds to me that you deserve all this loveliness Jodie.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  12. So many lovely and awesome ladies. Just a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!


  13. You are very welcome but just you make sure you keep behaving or it will be back into that cupboard for you young lady!

    WOW! Word verif: is Balat. How funny!!

  14. They say what goes around, comes around ... and now you have your own 'proof' that it's true. Love the cardi for the Kinder Girl, and all your other goodies. I'm off to check out your lovely friends, right now. x

  15. Your mail carrier has been busy! Love all the goodies, and it's funny how everything happens at the same time. So glad to hear it's been "be nice to Jodie week" - Jodie has been awfully good to everyone else. (I adore those cards. . .and the magnet. . .and the patterns!)

  16. Blogland is certainly a wonderous place! Love all your fab goodies - that Kinder cardi is super sweet.

  17. Jodie, Jodie,
    You know the old saying: "What goes around, comes around"?
    Let that be a lesson to us all! ;)
    WendyBee (Aussie Crafter WannaBee)

  18. How nice! What wonderful surprises in your mailbox. I got my own surprise (well not really since I ordered them) this week when my kinder girl and boy patterns arrived. I can't wait to get started! Any chance Sue would share the Kinder Cardi pattern with us? Thanks again and enjoy your goodies.

    Leah in Atlanta GA

  19. I'm definitely in with the "what goes around comes around" gang - you are so generous which makes it very easy for people to be generous back!

    Locket xxx

  20. What sweet gifts - and well deserved! I especially love that sweet little sweater.

  21. what a love bundle of presents.........

  22. Enjoy those great presents, Jodie.

  23. Be careful of those needles and 'string' - we knitters find the craft as obsessive as some people find selvedges!

  24. Such a lot of lovely generous goodness-enjoy!

  25. Wow. How wonderful and your kinder kids are just the most lovely. They are just perfect in every way.


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