Saturday, April 25, 2009


Obsolete, Abandoned
and left to decay
green robot by Mimi Kirchner
Mimi Kirchner's works of art never cease to amaze me. To say I adore her work would be an understatement. Her work is just so incredibly good.
I have been sitting here for ten minutes trying to make sense of what it is about her work that I wanted to tell you about, to explain why I love it..
It is this:
Every piece of Mimi's work evokes an emotional response in me. Her collaborations of wool and felt and buttons and stuffing and doo-dads makes me actually feel something.
I want to gently prise this fellow from his damp bed, brush him down and take him inside. I would wipe away the moss and mud and maybe oil his limbs a little. I would clear a shelf in the sewing room where he could rest his days away in the sun. I would collect small keys and metal parts to keep him company and cheer his little metal heart.
Go and visit Mimi, lose the day trawling through her blog, it will be worth it I promise


  1. Oh the angst! That is one beautifully nurtured piece of craft - someone please save him...

  2. Wow Jodie, you're right. I have been over to visit Mimi and in just 10 minutes I was completely immersed in her world. I feel like I'm in a hypnotic state now. It was hard to pull myself away as I've got other things that are pressing... but yes, what an amazing artist... I shall be losing myself there as soon as my chores are completed!

    It's great to have inspiration and admiration for other artists, but never forget that YOU have evoked the same feelings in so many people! Don't stop doing what you're doing!!! Just enjoy getting lost in other worlds... oh man, I sound like an ageing hippy don't I?!! Yeah man! (ps. that's not a derrogatory remark, I happen to like hippies no matter how young or old they are!!! he he he)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Vikki :-)

  3. I believe any form of creativity can be called ART if it evokes an emotional responce from your soul. Mimi's work is definetly ART.

    Isn't it great when someone's work makes you feel this way?

    I hope Mimi's robot has resumed his rightful place on the shelf in the sewing room. LOL
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  4. I shall go have a bumble around when M has gone to work and I can happily ignore the Boy for ashort while. *g*

  5. Poor old robot :o( Hope someone rescues him soon!

    lucy x

  6. I have just spent the last two hours mesmerised by Mimi's blog. Thanks so much for sharing. I would SO love to visit America, the houses look amazing, and the shops... and just everything in general. Love Mimi's work... and questionning my own self worth as a doll artist... I eat my words!


  7. i'm so intrigued i have to take a look...
    and yes he really does need a nice soft place to have with some lovely collectables around him...your so right...

  8. i'm on my way...i could use a little cheer right now.

  9. Wow. Her work is amazing. I went and had a look and was totally captivated. I can see how it would resonate with you.

  10. I totally see what you mean-just special

  11. Wow, Mimi is so creative! And I really like how you would heal up that sad robot, especially the part about giving him some keys. You and Mimi are on the same wave-length! Her doll faces are so expressive, and the way she makes the legs, just amazing. Thanks for the link! I couldn't sleep, it's the middle of the night now, so I decided to take a look at your blog, then I had to look at Mimi's blog of course. It's funny, Boston is only 4 hours away, but I had to find out about her from someone in Australia. Pretty cool. Good night.

  12. I've been following Mimi's blog for a while now, and I too love her work - she's such a talent isn't she. Perhaps she could throw some of that talent over in my direction - my softie making is taking somewhat of a back seat at the moment.


  13. I totally got lost in the wonderful dolls Mimi makes. WOW. Thanks for the link!


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