Sunday, April 19, 2009

From my sick bed.....

So the EITTTS is still raging and I am also suffering that weird Sunday night before you have to go back to work after two weeks holidays malaise.

I know regular people would have all their clothes organised (I have a clean bra). Their bag tidied and freshly packed ( I found mine ) and their plans and strategies outlined and highlighted. (I'm planning more of a go-with-the-flow kinda term).

However, I do have a slew (what a fantastic word) of goodies to share with you.
First off I got a great pressie a while back (embarrassingly long ago) from my A+++ student at the Stitches and Craft show. The gorgeous Sandra , was absolutely the best kind of student to have - she just "got it' and wasn't scared to take know just indulging in a bit of free-motion embroidery on the side...
So, as if just getting to have her in my class wasn't enough - she made me this fantastic selvedge notebook cover ! Like I said...she "got it". After the show she went home and started her own blog !!!!!

Catherine from Swan Hill popped into Ballarat recently to do a class, so of course Rachel, Annie and I hijacked a fair bit of her time, talked her ears off and fed her takeaway pizza.

After all this ---- she thanks me with this gorgeous scarf (These are totally my colours and I will quite possibly wear it to work tomorrow).

I expect (and hope) to see more of this crazy woman.

Sorry, but speaking of crazy women, The wonderful Michelle sent me the mother load of gifts.
I sent her a you get that? a (singular) pattern. In return she sent me so many goodies. One of her patterns, and a gorgeous hand painted face so I could complete it. Another gorgeous hand printed panel that I think is destined to be a bag.....and a wee little box......

and inside ! Isn't she gorgeous...I am getting myself some of more these as soon as they hit Michelle's shop.

Now Miss Holly, I have left you for last because I cannot believe what you sent me.
Do you see Mrs Rabbit and her baby? This is, apparently Holly's first attempt at needle felting.

(I have done needle felting once or twice and remember posting my first attempt, lets just say I will not be trawling the blog looking for that photo to show you a comparison- I think I managed a fruit )

These two are just gorgeous and they even have their own little blanket for a picnic.

(Now, everybody stop being so nice to me, you are freaking me out!)


  1. Oh Jodie, you make me laugh! Thanks! Karen wants you to post a picture of your selvage stash. I do too!

  2. Yikes you are quite the lucky one! Love those bunnies- I'm not believing they're a first attempt!

  3. I had that same sick feeling all day - but feel the love, as I haven't touched my school bag for 2 weeks. THought tonight that I hoped there wasn't old food in there . . . I DO however have a new handbag to wear!!

  4. I think I'm coming down with some EITTTS right now - dropped my scissors (point down) onto my foot, cut off a chunk of my hair with the rotary cutter, sewed something to my pants. I should just give up I think!

    I'm glad you liked the bunnies! Seeing them again makes me want to go and stab some more wool and practice more :D


  5. You are way way wayyyy lucky Jodie. All that crafty goodness in your letterbox. Loving the little red girl. She's super cute!

  6. Hi Jodie! Thanks for introducing us to Sandra... you are so right - she really "gets it" - what an amazing blog!
    You are a very lucky girl to have so many goodies - but you deserve them as you're very generous with your goodies too! Your tutorials are always great and your blog is always a fun and inspiring read!
    Vikki :-)

  7. Hey Jodie... all gorgeous gifts. Sick back on your sick bed and enjoy!!

    And remember... only 10 weeks until the end of term!

  8. Edit above comment.... should be "sit back on your sick bed"...sorry it's late, I'm tired... Good night...!!!

  9. Looks like you've been oh so lucky of late--good karma, I'd say!

  10. What a lovely load of goodies! I know you deserve them all! Lucy x

  11. Lovely gifts you deserve.
    So would you me a photo of your selvage stash?

  12. No you are right. You don't really deserve them. Just parcel them up on your way to school and send them up here to the top of the hill and I shall write how lovely you are in my new notebook ;-)

  13. As if reading your blog isn't enough fun, you get the funniest comments to boot. I'm sitting here laughing and happy for your good fortune.

  14. Have you got it worked out yet?! Nice people do things for nice people! SO OBVIOUSLY if you're receiving all these lovely things from nice people.... they must think you're nice!!! ;) Don't be freaked out... EMBRACE IT!

  15. Of course we are not going to stop being nice to you...

    What wonderful gifts! Hope you are feeling better!

  16. You did get spoilt. So glad the scarf will come in useful. You and Annie will both look very swish for the first day back at school in your finery. Hahahahaha do you forget I now know where you live and of course I will be coming down to visit again. Can't possibly miss out on the lovely home cooked....cough,
    Ohhh and check out that bunny - how cute is that.

  17. Thanks so much for featuring my notebook cover, Jodie! I've had a lot of lovely new visitors to my blog as a result and found all of their gorgeous blogs too. Also, everyone who left a comment is right- you are such a spectacular woman, and you 100% deserve every present you receive!! :-)

  18. Fantastic goodies received Jodie, but I'm so glad you have a clean bra to wear today!!!

  19. If you are seeing pink rabbits on your sick bed... you may have just possibly overdone the wine a teensy bit...!

    Hurrah for Jodie!! ...well you are fab... ok and I kinda like the thought of you freaking out a little!!

  20. jodie,from one crazy woman to another!
    I'm just glad you like your pressie...

    and I have been a bit obsessed with a few crocheting projects but I will be getting back into the wooden dollies soon, as my sisters needs more sets made for a bridal expo in 2 weeks...I really need to do get a bit crazier to get them done...quick smart...

    love your other pressies they are both so gorgeous...

  21. I am sure I will have that same old feeling next Sunday night! I hope your first day back at school wasn't so bad and that you survived. Nice nice prezzies!


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