Sunday, January 6, 2008


Morning, (just).

Ok, so this is the new bag I finished yesterday with the intention of it being my new regular handbag but I am not so sure. It seems a bit big and the I am just not 100% happy with it but I adore the fabric ! I might just have to carry it around for a few days and get used to it.

The winner of the little bag giveaway is............................

*shakes her hand, hands her the crown, flowers and the microphone as the glitter falls from the ceiling* I hope you like it.

I love those green fabrics, I bought them on Friday when I really went to buy some Latte homespun and handbag magnets....They are so fresh and crisp - Some are from the new Prints Charming range. I have ideas that they will become a green and white quilt but in truth they will probably turn into dolls clothes and other little bits and pieces. I want to make a real-life quilt , I do , I just have commitment issues.
My house is about to be overrun by two little boys.......Toby and Fletcher! Wish me luck


  1. Congratulations LOUISE - you're going to love it! I'm so looking forward to meeting Toby and Fletcher

  2. Oh YAY for me!!!! I can't wait to see it - this is the very first blog giveaway I have won so I'm thrilled. Thanks Jodie x

  3. Loved your collage of all the things you did in 2007-can't wait to see what 2008 brings! Have fun with Toby and Fletcher-hope thet behave themselves:)
    PS LOVE the bags you clever girls made!

  4. Jodie
    make a disappearing nine patch quilt.. it'll be a quilt, its quick to make, and although the pattern is called 'disappearing nine patch' the fabric doesn't disappear..

    who'll have to look into that bloglines thing too..

  5. Congratulations to Louise! I love the new bag you've made, such lovely fabrics. Those green fabrics are beautiful and I think would make a fab quilt - says she who is also desperate to make one but scared of actually starting it!!
    Lesley xx

  6. Love your little chocolate bag. Just so cute. Khris


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