Saturday, January 19, 2008

It is always like this .

So what did you boys get up to yesterday?

Well first we were having a going out adventure but Jodie got all frizzled and said we have to have a in the garden adventure.

Toby hided in a big pot and we counted him.There were spiders in there but they didn't bite him.

We got on the trampoline and we jumped but Jodie came out and told us we had to be just one person on the trampoline because a boy in the computer called Climber got his tooth smashed out on someones head and he bleeded all over the trampoline but was very brave.

We played lots of games and we got good at basketball.

except when Toby kicked it harder

cause he made it go higher onto the roof

but it didn't matter cause Fletcher is allowed on roofs and he went to get it.

and then Jodie came out and said two swear words and talked funny like Darth Vader and said GET..................OFF.......................THE..................ROOF.................CAREFULLY .............and got the big ladder and Fletcher climbed down.

But Fletcher said to Jodie that he is allowed on roofs and Jodie said "Pigs Bum" which is a little bit of swearing but not really bad. Then Jodie said she didn't want to come into the garden again and we had to play adventures that weren't dangerous and could we maybe see who was the best at basketball. If we played for ten minutes then she would come and watch.

So we played lots of basketball for a long time and then Oliver threw the ball onto Fletcher's face which hurt a lot

and Fletcher got really cross even though it was not an on purpose throw.

and he wouldn't talk to Oliver and he pushed him and then he cried loud

and Jodie came out and she looked at his face and said it was OK and told us it was an accident and fixed it all up

She said it was time to come inside and have some quiet time. She said we could watch a DVDV and then she made popcorn and said we could only put it in our mouths and not up our nose or in our ears or up our trousers and we giggled
so then we watched a dancing show and eated it all and spilt just a little bit but we eated those bits too.


  1. Hi!
    I gave you a 'You make my day award' on my blog.

    I just love yours and follow it with delight!

  2. hahaha @ pigs bum.. thats a swear word in our house too.. classic..

    would love to hear your darth vader impression though..

    thanks for making me smile today!


  3. Don't tell your boys! Climber still jumps on the tramp with other kids! Shhh. And he loves getting on the roof

  4. Another classic Jodie post that makes me smile a lot!

  5. the trampoline on earth did you take that?! those little guys are actually real aren't they

  6. Your stories are absolutely gorgeous. They always make me smile :-)))

  7. oh Jodie the boys are adorable!! I LOOOOVVVEEE your stories they so make me laugh and I have loved catching up with your blog, you have been busy!!!

  8. Hi Jodie, when you visited my blog you said you agreed with me about trying something new ?
    Well, after reading that you work in a library and read lots about bums and farts ....that together with the pics of the boys adventures in the garden - I think I may have your new project.

    Why not write a series of short childrens books based on the adventures of the boys with photo's of what they get up to in the real world (as in your blog) as opposed to illustrations. Or, mix the two ?

    I think it's a winning formula. squillions of dollars ...


  9. What a great way to start the day!!
    Fab story Jodie and what adventurous boys you have :)

    You really should publish your tales in a 'children's' book so that all of us adults could buy it!

    Lesley xx

  10. Great post! We says 'pig's bums' here too ... or if I'm really cross I say 'pig's bottoms' with extra oomph. :-D x

  11. Guess what boys? I went to Jodie's house on the weekend and while you were playing the Wii, she said a swear word. And it was ruder than 'pig's bottom!'. And she made me eat all my vegetables, just cos I said I was a vegetarian. And she made the bestest cake, and didn't give you any. AND she told me she drinks WINE.
    Don't tell her I told, cos she might make me wash up next time if she's cross with me!

  12. Brilliant once again Jodie! Definitely definitely do the book - I'd buy it, my children and I would LOVE IT!!! Even if you just did one through blurb or lulu so it didn't cost you but we could access it and buy it that would be fab! I think Monkee Maker should do one too! Have a great and hopefully peaceful (fat chance) weekend with the boys! Lucy xxx

  13. I'm with Lucy - write a book please!

  14. I so enjoy these posts....I am giggling into my toast.

    Thank-you :)

  15. thisis the first time I've seen your blog. I love your stories too - I'll be back!

  16. that was very very very funny!!

  17. oh golly, I am loving these adventures. Just when I think they couldnt possibly get any cuter, they do!

    And as mother of boys I can tell you that pigs bum is not any kind of swearing at all and is officially allowed as long as it isnt said to little old ladies (even if they are busybodies).

  18. Oh Jodie, these stories and pictures are just too cute, you MUST think about doing a little children's book of your own - I would buy it!

  19. Ha ha, what a great story .... and brilliant photos, Jodie.


  20. I;m loving those boys - great to see you today ... just chilling a bit me

  21. First time I have visited and I am now hooked! Wonderful blog! Suuuuuch a cute story! Smile!

  22. That is just the cutest and the funniest.

  23. Hi Jodie, seems my idea for a book would be popular. Go on, go for it, I think it'd be great as I haven't seen anything like the concept.

    The more I look at the pics the more I think it'd work.

    Let me know progress

    Just remember me in your forward (he! he!)

  24. Another great post - you should publish your boys adventures. Kids would love them. ( and big kids, too!)

  25. I love your crazy stories you make with your softies......they are such fun......maybe you should do kids

  26. My son (and therefore myself and my husband) says DVDV too!

  27. The boys are so cute but very cheeky they remind me of my girls-hear no evil, see no evil,talk no evil!
    Mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. I am giggling so quietly that I have tears coming down my face..Those boys are so cheeky, and my mum used to say Pigs bum too (infact I think she still does!)..
    Love your dolls.. The new twins are soooo beautiful. My girls would just eat them up...


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