Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not to put too fine a point on it.

There is a certain special kind of madness that comes with My mother deciding to sell house and move to this side of town at the same time that Mr Ric-Rac's parents sell their place of 27 yrs.

Lets just say I have never had quite so many conversations about boxes before in my life.

On Sunday we went to Mr Ric-Rac's parents place (about 1 1/4 hrs away ) to pack. The best part of that, was 2.5 hrs of car craft.

I finished off quite a few of these little guys. They are so great. I got the original idea from the gorgeous tutorials over at Moonstitches and made some before Christmas. They were so popular that I whizzed up another dozen on the machine and then just popped them in the car craft basket to finish off as the the opportunity arises.

A couple of late presents for some of Jemma's friends.

Remember murphy? Well when I gocco'd him I made quite a few and later fused on their bodies and popped them in the car craft basket as well. I blanket stitched this guy and when we got home turned him into a handbag.

It was a long day but we got lots done and the kids were excited with some of the "junk" they were able to acquire. They just loved these.........

and Grandma gave me this for safe keeping. This was her first ever ballet dress, made of parachute silk (that's all that was available at the time).

They couldn't afford a sewing machine so the whole little dress was hand sewn by Great -Gran (she of the 99 years not out).


  1. You know how much I love your work but oh my goodness

    that ballet dress.

    So special.

  2. So so so glad you received your package! I was just wondering if it had made it there are way to smart lady! The is exactly what the ring is for...I didn't think it would be hard to guess, but you never know. Feel free to post all about it. Glad you like the card too! Or should I say gald your mom liked it!

  3. Loving those sock creatures ..... lucky Gemma's friends!


  4. Never before have I heard of 'car craft' - I'm loving that concept! Probably not best done when driving though?

    Fabulous creations. x

  5. I love your little owls and thanks for the tutorial link. Your sock creatures are fab too!!

    How lovely to be honoured with looking after that precious ballet dress - I find it amazing that hand stitched items can last so long. Maybe that's just because my handstitching leaves a lot to be desired!!

    Lesley xx

  6. Yeah car time is good craft time. I can get so many ribbons stitched!

    How special is that dress.

  7. How wonderful to have that ballet dress. So much history.

  8. Gotta love it when older people move. Great finds and love your sewing.

  9. I just thought I'd grab a bag of stuff for car crafting next time I go to my parents - it's a 3+ hour trip each way.......then I remembered I usually drive. Hmmm, time for a change, I think!!!! What a great concept, I haven't thought of it before (don't know why, I always take a bag of stuff on the train)
    You, lady, are a genius!

  10. Everything is really cute, but I am totally in love with the parachute silk ballet dress. Amazing!

  11. It took me a while to work out what you meant by car-craft but eventually I got it (it's been a long week!) I don't think I could craft in the car without getting sick - although knitting might work. Problem is I prefer driving (because I'm a control-freak I think!!!)

  12. I had those skates whenn I was a kid .... that's hilarous.... good luck with the 'parent trap"
    luv Abby

  13. Those owls are great Jodie with their little whiskery bits. What a find with that dress!!!! How weird both parents moving together - perhaps they could move in together!!

  14. Jod, You just keep out doing yourself. I love the car craft basket, I always find myself grabbing for something crafty at the last moment before leaving for a trip and forgetting something crucial - crochet hook, sewing needle! Can I also please, please, please get you to send me the Softie book details again. I know you said there are 2. My husband decided to rebuild our PC and neglected to keep most of my emails! Thanks love and chat soon. Shaz

  15. Thanks for the welcome. I like the owls, the frayed edges look like feathery bits :)


  16. I can't believe your " I whipped up a dozen.." bloody hell and here I was thinking I was so fab doing my first little bit of sewing. They look ace! Man I am ssooooo jealous x

  17. Your owls look so cute! I love the raw edges, it gives them so much personality. Car crafting is a great idea. Love the softies and the bag too, they all look fabulous.

  18. Luck you moving people- my inlaws just moved. The dress is very special.
    I had a pair of those skate when I was a kid!
    Mel! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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