Friday, January 18, 2008

presents and planning

I was lucky enough to win a 100th post giveaway from Amy of My Zoe Bug recently. This is the third 100th post I have won. I think I might have to stop entering.....

She sent me a lovely package. The apple bookmark is already in use and the watermelon tape is earmarked for something as well.

The strap with the rubber ring had me puzzled for a while - the ring is stretchy and you can put it over the neck of your water bottle to carry it when you go out power-walking (ahem).
The card is just awesome , full of little sewing notions and perfect for a crafter. I have tucked it onto my inspiration board.
Thank you Amy, It was a great present to receive. Pop over and check out the cute little paper bags Amy has made.

Now the boys and I are off on a promised "adventure". If I am not back later today could you have a whip around and come up with the bail money for me.


  1. Gorgeous goodies .... I hope you make plenty of use of that power-walking water bottle holder ;)

    Why, you can test it while you're out on your adventures with the boys. I look forward to reading about it!


  2. Do you need bailing out! I hope that the boys did not get you into to much trouble!

    And you will need that water bottle thingy - for when you are sprinting after those three boys of yours!

  3. Bail fund started. Am drumming up dosh from around blogland.

  4. Hope those boys behave themselves - I'm not sure even the whole of blogland could afford to bail ALL of you! Lucy x

  5. Lovey pressies Jod, look after those boys and I look forward to thier next adventure

  6. aren't you lucky!

    :) Diana
    The Chic Life

  7. Luck lady, winning those lovely things.
    Enjoy and never stop entering!
    Mel xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hellloooooo !!!!