Saturday, April 21, 2007

Vintage scarf !

Lots to say today !

This new scarf is made from the thrifted bag of wool pieces that I found a while ago.I used the foundation piecing method to get this to sit nice and flat and it is sooo inspired by the scarf in Denyse Schmidt's book. The wool just looked scarfy as they are all long narrow pieces but it wasn't until I look through the book that it became obvious to add the little pieces of Japanese fabrics.

I got stuck for while trying to figure out what to put on the back. I really wanted something soft like Minkee so I started at the top of the fabric food chain here in Ballarat but eventually my search took me to spotlight.
I found this fake suede type stuff in chocolate brown and walked around the store carrying the huge bolt with the end all unravelled and wrapped around my neck - I wanted to be sure it wouldn't be itchy. No one cared !
I don't want to give any false impressions so will own up and say that rather svelte model is in fact Miss 15 and not my good self.
I was planning to top stitch all around but I think that will make it look funny so have decided I will just run a few stitch in the ditch type lines across to stop it ballooning.
There are 6 handbags in various states of creation in this sewing room as well so stay tuned !


  1. Hi Jodie, this scarf is really beautiful! What a great use of your wool samples - you really are one very talented sewer/crafter! By the way, Miss 15 is a very good model!

  2. Hi Jodie, your scarf looks great, you really are clever with the items/ideas you come up with, gives us lesser beings something to strive for.

  3. Six bags ?? I thought you said you were cutting chenille??


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