Tuesday, April 10, 2007


What a great afternoon - Annie and kate came over and we played with our felting stuff. Take a look at what we did...

Annie's flowers and my spots

Annie's wild flowers- I have permission to borrow this idea for a handbag !!!

Kate's gorgoeus dog - just needs some little eye beads - see he has a patch over one eye!

My cherries - still on a fruit theme here !

The start of a bunny for Kate

More flowers for Annie.

This was loads of fun and we simply couldn't felt as fast as we wanted - the best thing about it was that anything that came out weird and lumpy just became a hand felted cloud - and you can never have enough of those around!

We only used one bandaid.

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  1. How gorgeous Jodie! I am quite envious of your crafty school holidays. That needle felting is obviously becoming very addictive!


Hellloooooo !!!!