Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More bags !

Why so many bags ?

One of my friends asked me why I seemed to be forever making, drawing or finishing off bags.
I guess bags are just so versatile and practical. They don't take much fabric so you won't break the bank if you end up with a flop.
I like that they are so quick to make, practical and you can make so many different varieties. I suppose I just like bags. I had the best winter bag last year and I really want to try something different this year so am trying out a few varieties.
This one is made with a grey wool blend, has darts at the bottom to give it a bit of body, quilted handle and magnetic closure. I kind a like it but am not in love with it.

This little one has been christened Ugly Betty by Miss 15 (thanks darling). In a way she is right as I was going for that widely known style called "good ugly". Sometimes things can be a bit ugly in a good way- I am not sure this is it, but it is quite nice even though it does remind me of the fabric you often see in those tired old share-house couches.

I do like this pattern though so expect a few more varieties in this style.

The button is an old diamante earring that I adore but I am not sure it will stay on this bag. The button is non functional as there is a magnetic clasp under the little flap and the button is just for decoration.


  1. Hi Jodie,

    Love the bags! I have some of that "Ugly Betty" fabric too - I think it's brilliant! I used some in conjunction with an Amy Butler fabric in a big bag I made earlier in the year. Keep up the inspiring work!

  2. I absolutely love that ugly bag. It is just the thing that I would carry.


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