Saturday, April 7, 2007

More bags!!!

Yay ! Well I am ticking off that list in a big way now.

I started these two bags last night and just had to do a few little bits to them this morning. This wool fabric comes from a huge bag lot that I thrifted last week. All patterned in browns, blues, greens. They must have been samples of some sort as they are all similar in size (long and narrow) and most have a tiny sticker on them with a little code. It has been crying out at me all week - come and make a bag woman !!!!! So I made two.

I used a few yo-yo's on the second one just to lift it a little. They both have magnetic closures but no pockets. Later today I am off to Office works to get some pattern printing done and then home -hopefully to cut out a few Bo Bo's and a variation that I drew last much to little time. Oh and my local junk/antique/collectables store is closing down and I do have to drive right past it to get to office works so I may just pop in for a quick sticky-beak.

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  1. I LOVE your Easter projects - the bags are all divine! What a fun time you must have had crafting.


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