Sunday, May 29, 2016

Quilt Market 2

When you take away all the stress and the ego and the business, quiltmarket is really a giant get-together. I hugged everyone willing to be hugged and had a ball. I am missing so many photos that I guess were taken with other people's phones but I want to remember the peopley bits of market so forgive me this bit of indulgence.

It took all of market for us to find each other - @janetclare
Love these chicks longtime - @2littlebanshees & shequiltsalot. They were my rocks of reality !!!
The Ella Blue Team !
Night time spin class with @leoniebatemandeaigns, @suedaleydesigns, @michelleyeoquiltdesigns and a hidden @mellyandme
sue Daley ( funniest chick in the bizz and fitness fanatic)
This bunch of miscreants ( @sewdemented, @mamasaidsew, @tinkerfrog, @luckyspool)
Natalie and Melea ( the most awesomest bosses I have ever had)

Dan and Shari from @doohikeydesigns ( caring wonderful people ) and Clare from Clares Place who is also every colour of wonderful, and she makes me laugh.

My new frind Ginger with her namesake. Ever meet someone that you just click with in about ten seconds? We have plans this chick and I.

A quick selfie before the line-dancing began - with @jaybirdquilts and @cotton_factory. Truly a night to remember. I have since decided against being a professional line-dancer when I grow up.

@emmajeanjansen who looks like she has been pick-pocketed ( she wasn't) and @jedicraftgirl. Yeah we totally did that polite greeting thing with our real names and then used our Instagram names and were all "I know you !!! I know Mufasa !!!

I am sad that I missed photos with some really good friends but a quick trawl through social media tells me we met, we chatted and we hugged. I know I say it all the time but this giant world wide craft group we all belong to is amazing !



  1. Well I don't do instagram but I do recognise some faces and follow there blogs..... it is a great online community.....

    1. Yes, Chooky, a lot of bloggers but I can't seem to do links on the ipad so no blog links at the moment.

  2. Looks ike you all had a ball!

  3. I'm so glad I flew to the other side of the world to see you!

  4. Have loved every minute of your trip, Jod! The people you've met, the sights you're seeing (are you EVER coming back?) -just wonderful.

  5. I am still reeling from the fact you had the energy to do a night (or any time) spin class and I hope you smiled when you were line dancing as whenever I've seen people doing it they look very serious. I'm sure that wouldn't be you though!

  6. I am jealous of the hugging. There should be travel visas for hugging purposes - state funded 1st class travel.

  7. Finally you and Janet met. All is right with my world now.

  8. Finally you and Janet met. All is right with my world now.

  9. It makes the craziness called Quilt Market worthy when you can meet up with really nice and talented and really fun folks!!! The other folks can keep trying to impress each other. LOL


Hellloooooo !!!!