Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Market 3: all the pretty

(Oops. this post has been sitting in my drafts since the day after the previous post- consider the ball well and truly dropped at this end folks. )

Once again I apologise for the lack of links. Me and the ipad and the blogsy do not agree on the need for links in blog posts apparently.

Janet Clare

Bonnie & Camille

Maureen Cracknell

Elizabeth Hartman

Helen Stubbings


Zakka Workshop
There is just so much to see at market, and I am sure I missed a lot of stuff. I have sooooo many photos I should make a pinterest board or something. (Says the woman who can't manage a blog post )
In real life, I am home and back at work and this seems like a very loooong time ago.



  1. Thanks for sharing all the pics I do enjoy seeing all the stands....

  2. Ohmy doodly doo I LOVE the aeroplanes! Don't go back to work, run away to France, it's the School holidays and I have three months of sun and mountains and stuff before the trudge begins again...

  3. Love the pics. My iPhone and blogger won't cooperate to make links either. Very annoying.

  4. Quilt Market is really something that is a must see in person to believe. However, for those of us not attending love seeing it through the eyes of those who do. Thanks for sharing!!


Hellloooooo !!!!