Wednesday, May 18, 2016

By the skin of my teeth

It is Wednesday early morning and I am almost feeling human. I will crash and burn at about 3pm but then feel great again at midnight.

Yesterday we had a little wander and visited Walmart ( yes !!! Just like I imagined) and caught some trains and visited a wonderful colourful friend and finally met her daughter. It was a fantastic day.

Temple Square

Today we head off to Ikea to buy furniture and cushion inserts and dress forms and all the bits and bobs for the booth and begin setup. We will lay the floor and hang the curtain walls.... The craziness begins.

(The title of this blogpost refers to the descent into Utah in a very small plane, that had me grasping the sick bag and breathing deeply . We made it to the ground sans vomit but it was ten long minutes my friends. )



  1. I hope you, and your teetch, have an easy ride from here on.



  2. When I go to market in the Fall, I told my husband that we had to go to IKEA like Jodie from RicRac (true story) now I can add Wal-mart which is a regular stop for us on vacation anyway. :) I also need a beach chair from Home Depot!

  3. Woohoo..... Have a great time.....

  4. Wow, what an entrance, but that's high country for you! Walmart, what can I say, don't shop there much but it is cheap. IKEA, what can I say, have only been there ONCE, as it is a pain the arse to get to in LA. Hope all the floor laying and curtaining and booth building goes fabulously.

  5. So glad you arrived safe and sound, sans vomit ... that would've been awkward ....
    I can't wait to see your booth , good luck and have a fantastic time!

  6. I am glad you made it without vomiting! Have fun putting your booth together, Have a really lovely time.

  7. The USA is very lucky to have you here!

  8. Travacalm tablets (blue writing/logo) 30 minutes before you board will make sure your teeth are not in contact with the contents of reverse breakfast.
    Have a wonderful time and we look forward to the Jodie version of the gossip from Utah. :)

  9. i take it you arent good with flying... specially small planes

  10. I went on a small plane once - island hopping in the Caribbean - but I was young and foolish then.
    I am wondering what you do with all your Ikea furniture after you have finished with it every time you set up a booth somewhere. I know it's reasonably priced but not cheap enough just to dump, surely.

    1. We try to give it away at the end of market. Sometimes , depending on location, our US distributors store it for us. This time we are too far away so buying all new things and then giving them away at the end..

  11. So pleased you made it into Utah without puking and without needing a parachute, Jod.Take a deep breath and have a wonderful time.

  12. So pleased you made it into Utah without puking and without needing a parachute, Jod.Take a deep breath and have a wonderful time.

  13. check out Target stores. Have a blast!
    debbie c in california

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