Thursday, October 9, 2014


 Finn and I were on cover-photo duty this morning

We failed !
One of us finds this very stressful

and one of us does not seem to care.


  1. The wonder dog does but wonder.
    Seriously though, I think Finn's got it covered. We stress over all the wrong stuff, and it just doesn't do any of us any good.
    And I do like Doh a Deer. :)

  2. Sitting in the sun looks like fun,

  3. Be nice, Jod - Finn DOES look a bit concerned. Looking forward to seeing the finished deer-that-came -to-breakfast.

  4. That deer is fabulously cute. So is the dog. Don't stress about the photo stuff, because you too are cute. OK?

  5. I see antlers are making a timely appearance.

    I think Finn might be miffed that you haven't made him any antlers to wear. My old German Shepherd used to love it when I took photos of her wearing felt antlers at Christmas time. I would laugh like a drain (no matter how many times I'd seen it before) and even used her photo as a Christmas card one year. I think she used to love it anyway.

  6. So what are you paying Finn ? I think that could be your problem.

  7. Heh heh, gorgeous Finn has perfected that 'what the f*** is she up to now?' look that my Moogs dish out to me aalllll the time.


  8. oh de(a)er. "your antlers are too tall" could break a heart that could. Finn says "lie down, you'll be shorter". Jodie screams "the shop doesn't have any longer blue cardboard".

  9. Perhaps your dog actually cares so much and he's hiding it so not to worry you any more!


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