Saturday, October 18, 2014

D is for Deer

A sweeter soul you will never meet. He thinks the best of everyone (people and deers).

This fellow brings my little family of hand sewn animals to six. I love making these !!! I want to make the whole alphabet, so at the current rate of about 3 per year we might get done in about 2021.

This Saturday I'll be teaching a class at The Cotton Factory.  Its a great fun class where you can choose any one of these six little friends to make on the day.
 Hand sewing classes are awesome, very relaxed and apart from the peals of laughter, pretty quiet (in a no sewing machines kind of way).
 The cost of the class includes the pattern, coffee and yummy lunch.
Beginners, novices and never-sewn-a-stitch folk are most welcome.

Which letter will I do next ? Got any ideas? Want to take a guess?

(you might want to check out tomorrow's newsletter as well folks...nudge nudge wink wink)


  1. What a darling little deer, Jodie. I hope Alison has heaps of these patterns - we'll all want our own little Bambi.

  2. A very dear deer Jodie! You should spell your name in animals, How cute would that be!

  3. J - Jodie? S for squirrel or H for hedgehog, just hedging my bets here!

    1. H is for Hippo!! And already done. But, how about P for porcupine, seeing as these guys look more fluffy than spiky. :)

  4. I can not believe how addictive these little ones have become...a friend and my self have been busy sewing collecting them. They are so quick and simple to make.

  5. A sweeter deer has never been seen or sewn xx

  6. I'm hoping R is for Raccoon! - Courtney

  7. W is for wallaby. I can see a bit of wallaby-ness in the deer's face. Actually. Scrub that. W needs to be saved for wombats, as they are fat and adorable. K is for kangaroo.

  8. Your animals are absolutely gorgeous - they all have personality and lovely faces - I always think that soft toys must have lovely faces and yours all do - you are very talented. I can't wait to see what animal you make next - how about a Koala - they are so sweet.
    Thanks for the newsletter.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  9. Your next letter should be 'S' as I would love to see your interpretation of a 'SKUNK'. Imagine the fun you could have if you made it as a gift and decided to add a scent to it; the recipent would know whether you liked them or not in one sniff. Ha ha.
    Your new D for Deer is gorgeous and I just love the Bruce Bag - I'm buying the pdf tonight (when hubby is out of the room).

  10. X is a beast...
    the weirdest there is.

    Challenge? :)

    1. Xiphosura - Google it or if you are too lazy.....
      Horseshoe Crab official name.

  11. what a gorgeous fellow! can't wait for the next one to be hatched....

  12. Thank you for your lovely newsletter, I have blogged about it right now!

  13. Replies
    1. Absolutely, C for Cat!! I vote for that one too. :)

  14. I think a PIG would be awesome. I have a young daughter who is obsessed with Pigs. I search all the time for a pattern for one but to no avail. So I'm guessing there's a market for this...
    to market, to market .... Lol

  15. I definitely want to see a toy aardvark; they are truly fascinating. C for crocodile might be an interesting challenge.

  16. Really looking forward to having a shelf of Ricrac alphabet blocks.
    Think it will be interesting to see you complete this challenge, Jodie!!

  17. Replies
    1. or porcupine. So many choices, so much fun. Whatever it is, us minions will make it. :)

  18. Love ya work, Jodie!
    Here's an alphabet's worth for you:
    alligator, alpaca, angel fish, ant eater/aardvark, antelope, armadillo, avocet, axolotl, aye aye
    baboon, badger, bandicoot, barracuda, bat, bear, beaver, bison
    cat, caterpillar, centipede, chameleon, cheetah, chook, chinchilla, chipmunk, clown fish, crab, croc
    Iguana, Impala, Indri
    Jackal, Jelly fish
    kangaroo, killer whale, koala
    Ladybird, lemming, lemur, lion, llama
    macaw, magpie, maltese terrier, mole, mouse
    newt, numbat, nightingale
    ocelot, octopus, otter
    pademelon (so cute, fed some of these when we were in Cairns), panther, parrot, penguin, pika, platypus, polar bear, porcupine, puffin
    quetzal, quokka, quoll
    rabbit, raccoon, rat, robin
    salamander, seahorse, serval, skunk, sloth
    uguisu (fun fact : the poo of these birds is used in face creams. Noice)
    vervet, vulture
    wallaby, walrus, wolf, wombat, wolverine
    x-ray tetra fish
    zebra, zebu

  19. Jodie, they are all so gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    Therese's comment requesting a pig took me right back to the '70s when my mum used to make soft toys. She had a pattern for a little hand-stitched pig, made from hexagons of chamois leather all stitched into a round piggy shape. Now I wish I knew what happened to that pattern as it would make a lovely felt pig too!

  20. damn! wish i lived in aussie land. i'm so intimidated by such kind of sewing but i would love to learn! little creatures for me and for gifts. ;p

    i like the idea of S is for could make him like the old cartoon character Pepe Le Pue. ;p

  21. These are awesome!! What a great way to learn the alphabet and animals.


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