Friday, April 12, 2013

All the new stuffs and sleep and about 4 weeks till Portland

I am almost stopped.

Of course there were many many more new things planned for me to have ready before Portland but not only will there be no time, there will be no room in the suitcase for them either.


Ulrich Little Heart (creative card) will be debuting at AQC next week


Classic Messenger is ready and available nowmon3

Louie, Monkey of wonder is almost ready


Madame Sausage is almost ready

I am a little bit sick (My throat is like the fire of Hades) but mostly just strangely tired. I sleep deeply every night and then BAM wide awake at ungodly O’clock pondering the fate of the world, gusseted button joints and how to cook tuna for the following night’s dinner. Does this happen to you ? I have to say it is a special kind of dementing .

I’ve been told its quite common in “Ladies of a certain age” 

Apparently it is also quite common for sleep addled ladies “of a certain age” to lean in and slap people.


  1. You rock you know that right?

  2. Jodie, you are hilarious! Feel better soon! And I LOVE Madame Sausage! Her little shirt/tunic thingy reminds me of graph paper - when I was a student, one of the teachers wore a skirt in a fabric that was very graph-paperesque and it was very hard NOT to take my pen and sketch a sine curve on it.

    About sudden unslumbering: never the fate of the world, but I've done it for bag-layer and garment epiphanies and, once, the construction sequence of a cardboard tiffin carrier.

  3. That little sausage dog is beyond adorable. I hope there is a pattern forthcoming?

    Hope you feel better soon. Good idea to get the sickness out of the way before the big trip.

  4. That's it, slap away!

    Love the names you've decided on too - suits them perfectly.

  5. I'm with Fer. As a lady of a certain age, a tongue lashing and/or slap at an offender does wonders for the temper. :)
    I do hope you are slowing down and your list of to do before Portland is quite short. Dust off the slow cooker and enjoy some easy food!
    It sounds like it is all going well.

  6. I can think of a fair few people in want of a slap, I'll send you a list.

    Would it help if I said I didn't want tuna for dinner tomorrow night? save you worrying about it.

    You need to rest and get well, can't have any lingering Throat of Hades for that wee trip you are going on.

    Have I mentioned you are a total RockStar lately?

  7. Madame Sausage is very cute. I am a great believer in a hot lemon toddy with a good splash of brandy as an aid to curing (or coping with) a sore throat.

  8. They are gorgeous! I'm so jealous you'll be at are going to be awesome :-)

  9. I have been know to wake in a cold sweat panicking about Fimo and PE kits - so don't worry, you are neither alone nor the saddest case.

    No particular urge to slap anyone today, but then, it's early yet.

    Hope your throat feels better soon!

  10. Can I admit here that I have occasionally had the urge to slap people too?

    Hope you are well and non-demented soon. Love that monkey. He is all sorts of awesome! :)

  11. Feel better soon bb! Thanks for sharing the newest gorgeousness!

  12. As long as the frock makes it into the suitcase, you're good! You should thank your lucky stars that you're sick now. You can get the nasty bugs over with and be in tip top shape for market!!!

  13. Slap on Jodie!
    You do good work.

  14. Feel well soon mate . As a lady of certain age I do feel for you .

  15. I too am of a certain age and am with you on the slap. Yesterday the cashier in the drugstore ( who was no spring chicken) asked loudly if it was seniors day and gave me a discount. I am not a senior but I do have grey hair. I wanted to give her a big slap but I took the discount and left.

    Btw, I love your work especially Louie! Good luck at the Market!

  16. Get better soon! Love your work!

  17. I love the flap on your classic messenger!!! Gotta make me one! Get better soon! I have laryngitis and just preparing myself for the worst!

  18. Yeah! I get the crazy waking-up-at-stupid-o'clock thing too. Yay. Another thing to add to the list of age-related delights.
    A while ago, I went to the GP as I was worried about a blemish that might have been a skin cancer. Nope. The doctor (not my usual GP) told me baldly that it was geriatric keratosis: an age spot. Recently, I had another one. Erring on the side of caution, I went to my usual GP. (Hey, I had to go for a vaccination anyway.) He very kindly diagnosed 'a very big freckle', thus avoiding a slap from this lady of a certain age.
    J'adore Madame Sausage (Madame Saucisse?).

  19. Jodie
    I think you need to stitch this onto your next messenger bag - maybe on the inside flap so as not to offend anyone.
    "It takes 42 muscles to frown,28 muscles to smile,but only 4 muscles to reach out and slap someone."
    And I also think you need to read this. I have it framed somewhere in a box but I love it:
    Looking forward to hearing all about your other ideas.

  20. You are quite simply amazing Jodie! Portland will be fab! x

  21. Just so your suitcase isn't too full for Little Red. The whole operating on 3 hours of sleep thing is annoying. Did you ever try counting backwards by 3 (or 7)? Sometimes it just seems like too much trouble to figure out what comes next, and you fall asleep, praise God.

  22. I love the Madame Sausage stuff toy!

  23. I am that certain age and 4am is my witching hour, so go ahead and slap. You will knock um dead in Portland.


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