Wednesday, April 3, 2013

These are not normal times

They are in fact school holidays; and against my better judgement I may have agreed to this.


  1. so you are adding a pattern for bandages and crutches to the kid patterns then?

  2. I always wanted a tyre swing. Instead we had one of those metal framed ones that you peg into the ground and took great joy in swinging so high we rocked the pegs out of the ground. My poor mother.

  3. For little bottoms only I take it, at least the adults wont be breaking any limbs.
    Attach another rope to it so you can sit down with gin in hand and swing the swing with little effort! Have fun.

  4. We had the Hills swing set in our backyard. I think it was a Christmas present around 1969.
    However, the best swing of all was at my uncle's house. They lived in Montrose and had a flat roofed house. The tyre swing was on a high branch of a very tall gum. My uncle would supervise us all onto the roof, while he held the rope that trailed under the tyre. We would ease off over the gutter and then he would let go. Best. Swing. Ever.
    My mother hated his guts and his revenge was to have a lot of fun with us kids. I don't know who enjoyed it more - us or him - because it certainly used to get her cross. We never had an accident, but if we had; it would have been catastrophic. Ah, childhood. Ignorance, and being caught in the moment, is bliss. :)

  5. Woo hoo - what a thrill seeker! I'm very impressed!!! Xx. K


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