Monday, December 3, 2012

Pop Up Shop Ballarat.

On Friday night I went to the very busy evening Launch of the Pop-Up shop in Ballarat. Forgive the photos, it was inside at night and it was packed !ps1







I wish I could show you what I bought, but it is so obviously a present for someone who reads my blog that I am going to refrain. There was so much goodness to choose from.

I had a little flier for the Pop Up shop in my handbag so we all know where that is now (or rather we don’t know …grrrr) So I am going to wing it a bit and tell you it is open every day until Sunday from 12 – 4pm and also Friday evening.

You can check out more photos and stuffs on Bookface.

It is a fantastic initiative and well worth popping in for a visit. It is at the Backspace gallery which is the Camp Street side of the Art gallery.

If I get my you-know-what together, I’ll be back with Tuesday Rotate tomorrow.

Be well people of the internets (and lock your doors).


  1. Oh yay! Thanks for the reminder.
    I gotta get myself over there.
    And I LOVE the farmer boy idea.
    Get your over-alls on girl, there's work to be done.

  2. ooooh, that suitcase with the grass and the sky is genius!

  3. Love those suitcases! Perhaps they should roadshow to Tas!!

  4. I must admit to a nostalgic sigh in the direction of the cases. I am at this very moment multi-tasking : writing this and thinking of ways of getting one of these into my house!
    I think I will have to pop on over to the pop up shop!

  5. Oooh, I want some of everything! That pottery is yummy, the cases adorable, the bags fab. Talented peeps, all!

    My doors are always locked, even though I live in a nice neighborhood. Our son's truck was vandalized while parked in front of our house--at 4 a.m. while we were sleeping. They cut out his catalytic converter from under the truck with a portable sawzall, to sell for scrap metal and the tiny bit of platinum in the converter.

  6. Hello-o! Ignorant person from another country here! What is a "pop-up" shop?
    The wares are fabulous!

    1. A 'pop-up" shop is a retail shop that opens up for a short period of time (in our case 7 days) and then closes. These temporary retail shops can be set up in warehouses, un-used shop fronts, workshops or gallery spaces...really any empty space could be transformed into a 'pop-up shop' - hope that makes sense -- Laura (co-organizer of the pop-up shop ballarat)


Hellloooooo !!!!