Sunday, August 12, 2012

I am here

and all over the place at the same time. I have spent the whole weekend ripping up old lino and carpet. (and I wished the lino layers had been hopeless just-glue-around-the-edges kinda guys but they were hard working glue that lino down to within an inch of its life kinda guys). Picture screwdrivers and paint scrapers and swearing and blisters and the odd throwing of implements. Imagine aching knees and worn elbows and fractious temperaments.

So right now I am feeling pretty ragged, that creeping around on the knees for hours is not fun. My camera which has floor photos (very dull) and dog photos (quite nice) and softie photos on it, is approximately 3 metres away in another room. It may as well be on Mars. I love you, you know that, all you bloggy folks but I am not getting up from this chair until I go to bed.

In the mean time I can tell you that the hedgie pattern is finally released.hedgiesps2

and called Hedgehog Circus. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me name these guys. In the end I just had to randomly pick a winner.

Fiona of Bubz rugz

I can tell you that I have missed blogging lately and just have not been able to get my act together enough to manage it but I am hoping to do better. I could also tell you I have a little newsletter sign up box up there in the right hand corner. I was thinking it might be good for shop type folk or other people who quite like to hear about my new patterns etc. but don’t necessarily want to follow along with the everyday blog dribble. So far 7 people are in ! (Actually it is only five cause I signed up twice myself so I don’t miss anything)

I hope you guys are all going off like a frog in a sock and I promise to get my frog and my sock back in action any day now.


  1. Have a well earned rest, Jodie. Glued down lino sounds a nightmare of a surface to remove. Nasty stuff.

  2. Hope that the walk to bed doesn't hurt too much. I am so glad that the hedgie pattern is released. Will definitely be looking out for it in my LQS.
    Good luck with the lino etc for the rest of the week.

  3. Well I can't wait for your frog and your sock to be back on board! In the meantime, rest up dear lady.

  4. Hope you get a good rest in!

  5. Man! You will be the most updatest EVER. Perhaps if ypu just smeared dog food over the floor you could get your hound to do the rest of the hardwork.

  6. What's the frog doing in the sock? Shouldn't the sock be on the frog?
    And here's a new trick, Mr. Knox....
    Socks on chicks and chicks on fox.
    Fox on clocks on bricks and blocks.
    Bricks and blocks on Knox on box.

    Oh dear ...

  7. Now if you were sitting in one of those office chairs you could just bribe someone to wheel you to bed (speaking from experience here after ripping up and relaying flooring in my house too!).

  8. Oh, dear!
    There is a wonderful tool you could have hired that is like a mini jack hammer that you slide under the lino and it helps to lift it.
    We had to do this in our laundry, loo and kitchen/dining area at our last house. Your method would have had us taking the screwdrivers to each other!
    Have started on the kitty. Am playing with your pattern because I am making a representation of Jinxy. One thing I noticed was you didn't specify fabric quantity. Otherwise, it seems all good. I just need some pale pink felt for the nose.

  9. I feel your pain. Once upon a time we had to remove someones decorative style -- brown wood paneling, every inch of it glued to the wall, in the dining room and master bathroom! Take time to play with your adorable hedgehog circus. Looking forward to Fabulous Finn Fotos! I know how you "love" alliteration.

  10. Hmmm, the only time I have pulled up lino, it was vaguely attached to the floor here and there with the odd staple. Your job sounds downright sucky.

    Love your hedgies though. Just. so. cute.

  11. you signed up for your own newsletter (twice) in case you miss anything.

    I lubs you Jodie!

    frogs and socks. right. clearly that's where I've been going wrong. must get onto that.

  12. lol, signed yourself up, eh? afraid you might miss something? ;p Hey, did you ever think about NOT tearing up lino and just put new flooring over it? That's what we did. I guess my suggestion is too late. :(

    I feel your pain. Crawling around on floors is for the very young. ;p now crawl off to bed and have the BEST sleep ever! xo, me

  13. Oh dear, that's a job we have ahead of us and I'm dreading it!!! I bet ours were diligent 'don't miss a bit' type gluers too - it'd be just our luck lol.
    Do love your hedgehogs Jodie ... where did you get the fabulous fabric for their 'prickles'??
    Joy :o).
    PS ... I signed up for your newsletter and the word verification was 'wrathole' he he he, that just tickled me ;o)!!

  14. The worst thing about doing reno's on the floors is having to find a way to get up again!!! Thanks so much... I am thrilled to win hedgiehoggy....

  15. Sorry - didn't I read something about rest a short while ago!!!
    Do not move and direct wine and food to be sent to you for the rest of the week. Look after yourself and when the new floor is down it will be wonderful!!

  16. I am feeling your pain. If my hubby had put that Lino down it would have had a small dollop of glue in the middle.

  17. Be grateful your lino was glued and not stapled like mine was. Several layers thick and had to remove every little bugger by hand!!

  18. I like your plan of signing in twice! You crack me up!

  19. I'm hearing you on not wanting to move. Good for you for not giving in!

    Jane ;)

  20. I am going to start a post it note hashtag next to my computer titled "Number of times Jodie has made me snort inappropriate things out my nose or pee a little" Actually, it will have to be two. The first one is already well filled up :) Love your daily (meh, weekly, who's counting) blog dribble. :)

  21. I would have just asked for a pillow and quilt for the chair and not bothered to move at all. Glad to see you heeding the good doc's advise and resting!

  22. Oh they are super cute!! Look at their little faces & dare i suggest, slightly turned up noses at the fact you spent way too much time ungluing lino all weekend too?? Love Posie


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